PTTM 410cui SB "Street-torquer "

Custom build performance Ford Smallblock.This engine can be built with a power band from 525-625HP depending on camshaft and intake choices. It is built with a high torque band starting at low rpm's. Its a perfect engine for street -drag racing, but also very street able. On request we can install different details, pulley kits, valve covers, intakes and so on.


Engine for sale: PTTM 410cui SB "Street-torquer "

Some of the engine details :

- New ford performance shortblock!
- New Alu ported strike force heads
- New Ford performance camshaft
- Roller rockers alu
- Forged new Scat crank and i beam rods
- New forged pistons & chrome moly rings
- New high flow oil and waterpump
- Alu intake 4bbl
- New Holley streetavenger carb
- Mech fuel pump
- Alu pulleys and brackets
- Ford performance valve covers
- Ford electronic HEI ignition & wires
- All new bearings and seals
- Fully balanced & blueprinted.
- Dyno session possible upon request.

On request, we can build this engine in your car/project and advice or supply a correct transmission ( automatic or manual) and driveline.

The base is a new 351 cui short block that's stroked with a new forged crank and I or H beam rods to 410cui. If we overbore the block higher we can also build it as a 427cui, but we do not recommend it. (it doesn't make more power but the cil. walls get thinner)

Prices vary due to power demand and USD-EURO ratings.

Factory Ford
Engine type V8 Smallblock
Engine size 410cui ( 6700cc)
Heads Strike force alu heads
Fuel specification Streetfuel 92 octane and up
Fuel delivery system Mech pump high flow
Condition New / Rebuild
Price in euros
€ 12750,- Contact us for more information
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