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1956 Ford F100 Stepside truck



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New in our showroom!


This original 1956 Stepside F100 truck in amazing all restored condition. This rare beauty is in amazing and super solid condition and was painted back to its factory correct Sky view blue & white two-tone paint scheme which looks great!

The complete drive line, transmission, all brakes, wiring, dash, steering system, suspension and truck bed, chassis were correctly restored back to his factory original condition. Its also a rare original V8 truck (most were 6 cilinders) And we believe the factory original engine and trans are still in the car today. The car is equipped with the factory optional 3 speed Overdrive gear transmission which makes it even more rare. The transmission is in fact a 6 speed! Because in every gear it will overdrive automatically in a low and high gear. Its a great feature that can also be switched on and of by a special switch. 


In an effort to match the sales of the new Chevy Task Force Pickups that had debuted last year, Ford's F-Series trucks were revamped for the 1956 model year. Along with a new grille, the most noticeable change was the "Full Wrap" windshield, which extended over to the door posts, increasing the field of vision.By increasing bore to 3.62" and stroke to 3.30", the Y-Block now displaced 272ci. Three versions of the enlarged V-8 were offered: a light-duty with a 2-barrel carb, a heavy-duty with a 2-barrel carb, and a heavy-duty with a 4-barrel producing 167-horsepower.

Vacuum-style windshield wipers were discontinued in favor of the more reliable electric-motor wipers. Another improvement for 1956 Ford trucks was an upgrade from 6 to 12 volt electrical systems.For 1956, the 223ci six-cylinder became the standard engine. Inside, a restyled dashboard improved driver's visibility. Also new was Ford's "Lifeguard Steering Wheel", whose deep-dish design put a greater distance between the center hub and driver's chest. Other safety items included new door latches and optional seat belts.


All in all the 1956 Ford F100 is one of the most wanted classic trucks around because of there great looks with there step side bed and the beefy front and rear fenders and as far as the V8 version are concerned the V8 ornament on the front grill that reallu made clear to all other trucks that the should not mess around with this one. 

The F100 we present to you here is of that most wanted 56'year and its just a gorgeous truck with its two tone bleu and white paint job and its short step side bed. Its a super nice truck and was restored with respect for its originality. The cost to restore these trucks is always way higher that there value and in this case that not different. To buy an original V8 truck such as this one and than restore it would set you back to around 100k these days easily. Just take a look at this trucks two tone classic interior! And a all fresh upholstery and carpeting and all its great iconic classic features. It really makes you feel like stepping back in time. The truck also really drives as it should and everything was checked and works as it should. You can really drive and enjoy this one. The truck also comes with its original owners manual!

With most classic trucks being hot rodded and changed or customized its in today's markets much more difficult to find an uncut and undamaged truck. and that's what makes this truck valuable and just great fun to drive and enjoy. It will give you thumbs up just about every where you take it. Its also a great piece of history and it could also be a great asset for say company promotions or showrooms. 

According to several independent car appraisers the '56 F100 V8's are valued at around 60/70 k for really original trucks and the will keep growing in value in years to come. So all in all this truck is priced very attractive and leaves room for growth for its future owner, but even more important is the fact that its just an amazing truck that will give its future owner a real piece of american history. 

So all in all this is j
ust a great truck or asset to anyone's collection and there growing in value very rapidly.Its all ready to be driven and enjoyed and will steal the hearts of any classic car enthusiast. Its serviced and inspected in our shop and with its original V8 drivetrain still in place is a real icon. 


If you want to make a reservation on it, please contact our sales!

Some of the Trucks additional options:

- Original V8 truck!

- Rare Overdrive 3/6 speed transmission

Two tone paint

Modern hidden stereo system

Front disc brakes

And more

if you like additional information t
hen please contact our sales! If there are details on the car you want to change or add some personal details, we can assist you with that no problem!

- The truck comes with Dutch licence and papers and EU import taxes paid and included.

- All our cars & trucks are sold with complete service and inspection prior to delivery.

- On request, we can transport the truck door to door worldwide!

- On request, we can also assist with German TUV (H) 

- For export prices please contact our sales.

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And keep in mind that, the Truck you're looking at here today, was also looked at by others yesterday. And we can only sell it once!

Price in euros
€ 42750,-

Price includes all cost

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