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1969 Chevrolet Corvette convertible



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This 1969 Chrome bumper Corvette Stingray convertible looks fantastic in its factory original Cortez silver paint & it is a numbers match car! and a real 4-speed. Very rare to see a car this original and unmolested and it was a great base for a complete restoration. The car is completely original to factory specs and comes with its numbers match engine and drive train still in place.


Just a gorgeous car! and so much fun to drive with its top up or down. 

Finding a real original C3 Chrome bumper Corvette's in great and unmolested condition is getting harder and harder, since many of these cars were hot rodded, raced or changed beyond the point that you can still call them original. 
And how often do you see one in this rare and original Cortez silver color?, that combined with its numbers matching engine and trans still installed? Not often we can tell you. Its the perfect combination of a well taken care of original C3 Corvette convertible, with all its factory pieces still in place, but upgraded and freshly restored by PTTM so it will last for many more years to come.

In 1968 Chevrolet introduced the all new C3 model. The design and car was completely new although some details came from the earlier years. The exterior, the complete interior and the drive lines were all new for that year. The new C3 was just a more modern styled car and very sleek and its appearance was also sometimes compared to that of a shark, something that we can only understand as these C3 Corvettes really had much more aerodynamic bodies than its predecessors. The all new designed dashboard gave its owners a real sporty feel as the centre console was equipped with 5 additional gauges to monitor the engine and combined with its factory tacho and other features the interior of these Corvettes were great.


In 1969 the Corvette received only some smaller details changes and upgrades, but the biggest change was that the all new Chevy 350 cui V8 was introduced, a great engine that is still available and used in many Chevy's today. Also keep in mind that these Corvette's were ahead of there time with there lightweight body's and structure. The were and are great sports cars and as the still do today, the won many, many races in the past as well. And keep in mind that In the 1960's fiberglass parts and complete bodies were as revolutionary as Carbon fibre or Kevlar are today.

And although some of you might prefer a Big block Vette, the combination of the much, much lighter, but also strong 350 cui engine ( especially with a manual 4 speed transmission ) makes these corvettes just drive much more refined and smoother. And really, in a convertible you just don't need more power that this engine and trans combination produce. If you really want a fun and fast corvette, that also handles great in corners and brakes on time, this is the best combo available.

The car we present to you here is a 1969 model and for many it's considered as the best looking and most iconic looking Corvette's ever produced. Its a rare example seeing its a genuine and factory optioned 4 close ratio transmission car (the base transmission was a manual 3-speed) and in a rare and very desirable color combination. Its estimated that it is around 6-700 cars ever produced. Besides that its equipped with some nice options such as Power steering , Power front disc brakes, Side pipes and than some. The car is a genuine proven low mile car with only 59000 miles driven since sold new.

The car also still carries its factory original interior which in amazing condition and as stated earlier it also still carries its factory original engine and transmission that were completely rebuild and checked. Just look at the pictures below to understand this car overall condition. According to its last owner the car had spend almost its whole live in the dry sunny states and we believe that to be correct seeing the cars amazing original condition with all of its original components still intact.

PTTM upgraded and restored the car seeing it deserved that as it was super nice before we began. It also received a complete new top to bottom Quality paint job in its original Cortez silver color. The underside and all the driveline components were rebuild and all new suspension and brake parts were installed and today the underside looks super clean and as new.


The convertible top and its frame were also rebuild and all functions as should. More than 45000,- was invested in the resto works alone ( without the value of the car itself). After the restoration is completed the car will be tested and driven to make sure all is as good as possible. The complete drivetrain will also be tested and fine tuned. So what you see here is a complete turn key, ready to enjoy 69' Corvette in one of the best looking colors around.

The car is in overall great condition and can be driven and enjoyed as its completely inspected and serviced for many more miles to come. You wont find a completely restored, all original and matching Corvette such as this one. Every detail, from fuel to brake system, all electrical parts, the complete under side and all the outside and interior details were rebuild or restored. This car is now, besides being a great show piece, mainly rebuild so it can also really be driven and enjoyed for many more miles to come. 

Its also equipped with its factory original rally wheels that are fitted with correct classic style G
oodyear tires. And as with any great sports car, the combination of the V8 and manual 4-speed transmission as good as it gets. With an automatic car, its just much less fun and tons of power (up to 35% or more) gets lost from the transmission to the rear axle as were a manual trans maybe only looses 5%. So all in all, buying a 4 speed in combination with the powerful 350cui V8 is a great and much more sporty feature. Also the manual trans equipped cars are also more collectible and valuable than any automatic car as the were build in larger numbers and are not a real sports car item. If you want a true sports car feel when you take this baby our for a spin, a manual transmission equipped car is the only way to go.

This means you will get a complete, super rare color combo, a great engine and trans combination, a fully serviced and inspected ALL original Corvette for a great price which will leave room for growth of your investment as well. As these great looking C3 Vette's, especially the early model years, are going up in value fast and great examples such as this one are the first inline.


 PTTM is very proud to present this true icon of American sports cars to its clients, and it's a car that fits perfectly in any car collection. Its a very stylish car as well in this color combination and will also get you thumbs up everywhere you take it. Its a price winner on any car show or concours event as well!. With the top up or with the top down, this car gives so much fun to its owner.


 This stunning-looking C3 Corvette Stingray chrome bumper is a great car and it drives as new. So if you ever wanted a true and amazing looking Corvette and one of the rarest Corvette's ever made in this amazing and rare color combination that just looks plain stunning, then this might well be the car for you. For this money you just wont find a nicer driving classic American convertible sportswear anywhere and don't confuse this one with just any other unrestored Corvette's our there, this one is one of the best and most honest 69' Corvette convertible you will find today. 

Soon more information, actual pictures and a video of this amazing car. 

If you want more information, or if you want to make a reservation, please contact our sales! 

Some of the cars additional options :


  • Performance V8 350 cui / 325HP.

  • Manual 4 speed close ratio trans!

  • Cortez silver metallic paint!

  • Power disc brakes.

  • Power steering (Rare).

  • 4 wheel discbrakes.

  • Hide away wipers.

  • Tinted windows.

  • PB AM/FM radio.

  • Side pipes!.

  • Positraction rear axle. 

  • Headrests.

  • Goodyear classic tires.

  • Rally wheels.

  •  And more!

if you like additional information ahead then please contact our sales! If there are details on the car you want to change or add some personal details, we can assist you with that no problem!


- The car comes with US title and EU import taxes paid and included

- All our cars are sold with complete service and inspection prior to delivery.

- On request, we can transport the car door to door worldwide!

- On request, we can also sell the car with Dutch plates or assist with TUV (H) 

- For export prices please contact our sales department.

- While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Prices and info in online ad’s or website might diver and are subjected to changes and or have mistakes in them. Please verify any information in question with PedalToTheMetal Holland/Europe. 

And keep in mind that, the car you're looking at here today, was also looked at by others yesterday. And we can only sell it once!


Price in euros
€ 46750,-

Price includes all cost

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