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1969 Dodge Joe Dirts 69' Dodge daytona

The real movie car!


General discription

Meet Joe Dirt and his 1969 Dodge Daytona! This car is in the Pedaltothemetal showroom now. How cool is that!? Yes, the one and an only real deal car driven by actor David Spade in the hilarious movie: Meet Joe Dirt. That looks like a barn finds classic true Daytona! 

The car was prepped based on a 69 dodge charger, especially for that movie. All the rust and dirt you see was specially prepped (yes its all handmade fake dirt and rust) for the movie, even the wheels that were brand new Cragar SS chrome wheels, were specially painted to give that saggy old look. But underneath all that facade lurks a restored charger with a fresh rebuild driveline with the famous Chrysler 440 big block in it and the car drives, steers and handles like any other restored classic car. 

 The car and all the props from the movie. Including Joe's famous hairpiece, his redneck shirt, his mop and bucket, all the "dirt" and props that lay in the car during the movie is still there and come and stay with the car. Same goes for numerous billboards, original movie pictures and tons of other memorabilia will be displayed in our showroom soon. Feel free to visit us and meet with this famous car in person. There is only 1 car ever build for the movie, something that's pretty rare as normally several prop cars, driver cars, and stunt cars are build for that purpose

The car, however, is not for sale and belongs to a private collection of one of our good clients and was sold to him by PTTM after a long and extensive period of finding and pursuing the previous owner to sell us the car. The Joe Dirt 69' "Daytona" might well be one of the most famous Mopar, movie cars ever build, and as the movie or not, that's not up to us to decide, but it is a unique car 100% sure.

More information, pictures and a video of this rare piece of movie car history soon!

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