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1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Canonball tribute



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In our showroom now :

 73' Pontiac Firebird "Transam - CANNONBALL" - tribute car ! **

In 1976 a unique movie came out that would result in a real carfilm hype.
The movie was called CANNONBALL.
The name of the film and the plot were inspired by Erwin G. "Cannon Ball" Baker (1882–1960), who traveled across the United States several times, and by the
Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, an illegal cross-continent road race introduced by Brock Yates to protest against the 55 MPH speed limit.
In the movie well known cult actor David Caraddine raced a fast and tuned 73'Trans-am through America hoping to win an illegal race so he would get his career back
that he lost for being a drunk and making many mistakes in his earlier live.

The movie was unique and an instant box office succes and was later followed up by the
other well known "CaNnoball Run" movies with actor Burt Reynolds in which the also used the well known Black/Gold Pontiac Trans Ams. But these cars were no longer
the real muscle cars as the '73 cars seeing performance for the later year models had dropped to a mere 180+HP against double that in the 70-73 model years.

The 70-73 models were the real deal and much more performance type muscle cars than its later models that were much heavier as well.
But the first of these movies were the Pontiac Trans ams got there fame was started with this 73 "Cannonball" car.
The car we show you here is a replica of that famous movie car and a homage to Pontiac's T/A legacy in movies and on the streets. Its painted in the correct paint
sceme, has the correct ram air intake with hood scoop and has the correct interior and it carries the original style decals on the front fenders and doors.
Of course there are some small differences as in the movie several cars were used and wrecked as well and not all are exactly the same but this car is as more than
correct and everybody can see that.

But its more than JUST any movie tribute car as this car is also equipped with a special tuned 455 Big block and a performance transmission and a beefy one year
only 12 bolt rear axle. With these features this car can match the original as its FAST and drives and handles like a batt out of hell!.

More than 60k! was spend in the
paintwork, body restoration and engine and drive train alone. This car is really a head turner and outruns 99% of all cars that dare to challenge it in a street or drag race,
just like in the movie.
But if you ever wanted to own a fast real deal unique 73 'pontiac that also has pedigree and is a true copy of the famous movie cars, this is it !. How often do you see
a replica of that cult movie that started the rage of all later Rally and race movies in the US. Trust us if we say that this car will be the star of all car shows and its great
fun to show the car around. 

With its awesome and mean sounding performance 455 big block, it turns heads and gets double thumbs up everywhere it appears.
The 73 Pontiac firebird's were the last to have the special and specific looking nosecone and the smaller chrome trimmed tail lights that are, for many fans, the ultimate and
best looking firebird's of all models that were produced. This car, being a true 73 car' has all these details originally and is thereby very correct and highly wanted indeed.

On Request we can ADD or CHANGE details of the car to your personal likings!, or we can turn this car into a
full Pro-Touring special to your likings !, The car is also a great base for sucha build seeing it already has a performance engine, trans and many other performance parts. Ask our sales for a qoute to have this car transformed into your dream car !


Some of the options on this car are :

  •  455HO cui custom build performance engine.

  • Black bucket seat interior

  • CANNONBALL tribute car with correct paint and decals

  • Power front disc brake

  • Floorshifter & console

  • Power steering

  • Special T/A steering wheel

  • Custom autometer T/A dash

  • Anti roll bar.

  • Floor shifter
    T/A rear and front spoiler

  • Rally 2 wheels or at choice Honeycomb wheels
    the rally 2 wheels are movie correct as well.

  • And more.

The car comes with Dutch papers and EU taxes paid.!, on request we can assist with German TUV

All our cars are fully serviced and inspected before the leave the showroom.

 AND...AS WITH ALL OUR CARS, DONT WAIT TO LONG !.. WE CAN SELL IT ONLY ONCE and.. sold it will be, guaranteed

Price in euros
€ 29750,-

Price includes all cost

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