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1970 Plymouth Cuda pro touring "AAR style"



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- All new PTTM Hand quality build Cuda project car, currently still in progress! (of course, we can change many details as long as the car is not yet completed, to your personal liking)

- Pictures you see here are sample pictures of how the car can or will look when completed!

General description of the car planning for this project: The car will be built as a tribute to the famous AAR ( All American Racers ) Cuda's that were built and raced by Dan Gurney's race team in the early 70's that raced in the famous Trans-Am series against other factory supported car's like the Chevy Z28 and the Boss Mustang's. These cars are all true legends and icons with a real proven race pedigree. 

In order for Plymouth to homologate their car for Trans Am, Chrysler had to build and sell "street versions" of the AAR. So for 1970, the AAR package, coded A53, came with a bunch of special-purpose parts, including a real Trans Am 340 engine with a unique casting number. But unlike the Boss and Z/28, the production AAR was a much more purpose build car than the Chevy or Ford and it stood out much more also.

The AAR ’Cuda was also by far the most flamboyant, balls-out racer replica you could buy straight from the dealerships. Multiple carbs were standard equipment and also a special suspension system and the first production cars ever with staggered style wheels and many other special components. Only 2700 hundred cars ever left the factory which makes this factory street version of this AAR Cuda's a rare find. If you google AAR Cuda you will find all you would like to know about these rare cars. They were very special indeed and the first ever produced all factory build race car's that you could buy from the factory for street use. The car that we are currently building, however, will get a much better and more modern day suspension and steering and handling system and a much powerful engine and driveline and much better brakes. But Its build with the best parts available and respect for the true AAR muscle car feel and looks. 

The car will also be build to be used on the streets and for cruising, but its also ready to hit the track and be used what's it build for. Pure American style performance! The car we build will also receive a much higher general quality level that the original car's ever had and it will also receive some a high quality and more custom style paint job and details. The car will be hand-built completely new and the original Cuda body is restored inside and out and has many is equipped with special upgrades and tons of special parts.


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