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1969 Chevrolet Camaro "Yenko "454 Bigblock



General discription

69'Chevy Camaro "Yenko "bigblock 454 !

In the 60's Don Yenko, a succesfull Chevy dealer, wanted
more powerfull cars than the factory could or wanted to offer
and so he started to order plain cars from the factory and
he converted them into the Extreme powerfull YENKO chevy's.

He equipped them with extreem bigblocks in light cars,
and with special suspension and rear axle upgrades aswell
as some interior and exterior features to have these cars
stand out, Yenko was soon world famous for his
extreem Chevy musclecars. Yenko build Chevelle's
Nova's and Camaro's mainly and the cars were
very expensive back than so only a handfull of
each model was ever sold.

Later on Chevy also got intrested in these performance
cars for racing and advertising purposes which lead to
the sales of the famous factory "COPO"performance cars.

Those Yenko and Copo cars were amongst the fastest cars
of there days ( yeb faster than any ferrari, or porche back than )

These days, these cars have become priceless and are only
seen in museums or privat collections and the are seldom
driven or showed. We have seen Yenko's and Copo's getting
sold for 500.000,- and more...So there no longer priced for
the normal fan or car collector.

THIS 'YENKO"69 Camaro we found is a tribute to those
cars but its been done very correct. Starting with the
correct X44 code base coupe, it was equipped with a
correct chevy Bigblock 454 with 427 badgings and it has
all the correct yenko details. Its even painted in the original
69'daytona Yellow paint which looks awesome with the
black Yenko stripes.


Price in euros
€ 39750

Price includes all cost

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