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1969 Chevrolet 427 Camaro "Yenko" 4 speed



General discription

SOLD ! In the 60's Don Yenko, a successful Chevy dealer, wanted more powerful cars than the factory could or wanted to offer and so he started to order plain cars from the factory and he converted them into the Extreme powerful YENKO chevy's.
He equipped them with extreem big blocks in light cars, and with special suspension and rear axle upgrades as well as some interior and exterior features to have these cars stand out, Yenko was soon world famous for his extreem Chevy muscle cars. Yenko build Chevelle's Nova's and Camaro's mainly and these cars were very expensive back than and thereby the were very exclusive than as there are even more now.
The factory never sold these 427 Chevy's to the public because of liability reasons and safety regulations. The did however sell the COPO cars with the 427 but the were only meant purely as race cars and were not intended or ever sold for the street.
So if you wanted the fastest car on the street, you turned to Yenko, or other dealers such as Nickey, and you could order yourself a Camaro with the best and fastest engines around and also many other special options that the factory didn't sell. Things like rally dash with tacho, 140mph speedo
alu wheels with wider tires, special engine components such as headers and special intakes and carbs, special suspension details and more.
So in the end, you really had an one off build type of car that was not only looking mean and fast, but these cars, equipped with the 427 L72 or even ZL1 aluminium 427's, were extremely fast and king of the streets in 1969. With quarter mile times in the high 11's !, there were no other cars as fast as these.
Equipped with a manual 4 speed transmission there was really no faster car to be found as the automatic cars lost more than 35% of the power to the rear axle as were manual cars only loose around 5%. These cars really asked for the more experienced driver because in the hands of a rookie these cars were realy
dangerous and many of these cars were wrecked because of that.
But seeing the were not original factory supplied cars , the Yenko cars never made it to the official record books as being the fastests factory production cars of there time, but everybody knows that there was nothing that could beat them and no matter what porsche, ferrari, or any other excotic or othe usa muscle car pulled next to you at the stop signs..This car showed you its taillights...
These days, these cars have become priceless and are only seen in museums or privat collections and the are seldom driven or showed. We have seen Yenko's and Copo's getting sold for 500.000,- and more...So there no longer priced for the normal car fan or car collector to own and enjoy them.
THIS particulair 'YENKO"69 Camaro is NOT just any tribute car compared to those cars but its been done REALLY correct.
Starting of with a complete nut and bolt rotisserie restoration this car was equipped with all the correct parts and details and the correct L72- 427 engine that the real Copo and Yenko cars had and wich are very hard to find and very expensive. These 427's were famous and one of the best running and sounding high performance engines of there times. Of all the big blocks around, from chrysler
to ford, these 427's were in a league of there own.
The car was also equipped with the correct Muncie m21 4 speed transmission, the special
12 Bolt rear axle and gears, the correct brakes, steering and suspension package as the real Yenko cars.
So it really takes a very trained eye or high knowledge of the original cars, to see that this car is in fact not that. Both the engine and transmission have the correct early 1969 date castings that are correct for the Yenko cars.
The car was painted inside and out in gorgeous deep diamond black and buffed to a great deep shine and all the factory correct Yenko stripes and emblems were added. It looks amazing ! with the white Yenko stripes.
The car received an all new interior and thousands of new and restored parts, glass, chrome and details.
The car was also equipped with the correct shifter and the Yenko specific 140mph speedo.
No costs were spared during the restoration to get a as correct as possible Yenko car and in the best quality possible.
Everything you see, from the gastank and its fuel lines, all suspension, steering components and brakes , its rear axle engine and transmission and there specific components, to all outside and inside parts are in immaculate condition.
We have NEVER seen a more correct Yenko tribute camaro let alone in this overall fantastic and restored condition. The color of the car with its white yenko details and correct styled classic alu wheels and other details just looks plain stunning as well. Only 500 miles test miles on it ! its NEW !
This car CANT be compared with the usual tribute cars as its as perfect as the real deal 500k+ costing yenko's and highly detailed and fully restored. More than 100k was invested in this great car that can be driven and enjoyed as were the originals are priceless and the will never be driven and give the same pleasure as owning this correct build car. The car drives and handles like a dream and really gives you the correct feel of how it felt like in 1969 to have, own and enjoy one of the worlds fastest cars.
With this car you will come as close as ever possible in owning and driving a true Yenko camaro as can be and its a great investment and prices of correct tribute cars like this one, go up just as fast as the real deal cars. If you cant afford, or dont want to spend 500+k for a real one, than this car, with all its correct and same features as those cars, is a perfect alternative! and a true addition to any collection you might have or want to have.
For this price you might just restore a base 69 camaro, but not in this cars perfect condition, let alone
have it equipped with al the details and rebuild L72- 427 engine and 4 speed transmission, 12 bolt axle and a 25k costing body and paint restoration.This car is not only fun to own and drive and enjoy but be sure its also a gold award winner at every car show you might attend with it. Its the best of the best !
PTTM will fully inspect and service the car before it will hit the showroom floor.
WE CAN SELL IT ONLY ONCE and.. sold it will be, guaranteed

Price in euros
€ 76950

Price includes all cost

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