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1967 Shelby GT500 - 4 speed ! original



General discription


Real deal, fully original Shelby GT 500 4 speed. This fantastic collector car is a rare and highly sought after early production type with the functional side scoops and the center placed main beam headlights.

The car is was sold new with the desirable 10 spoke wheels that are still with the car, its also equipped with all the options you could get back in 1967 at the shelby plant. Keep in mind that the last of the true shelby's were build in 1967 as from 1968, ford took over the production of them and although the still carried the Shelby name... the were no longer genuine shelby build cars. This makes the '67 cars more rare, besides the fact that for most people the 67' Shelby fastback is one of the best looking muscle cars ever. Its also this car that stood as a model for the worl famous Eleanor cars that were used in the movie gone in 60 seconds, although NON of the cars used in the movie are Shelby cars, but the more plain base Ford mustang fastbacks. 

This particular car also has a fantastic hidden secret !.... it seems to be red... but originally it was a brittany blue car !, THE best color ( we think ) for a 67' Shelby. and higly wanted. SO... Yes.. PTTM will strip the car and will repaint the car with a high quality original color so back into its former original glory !. The rest of this great car is all original and restored and in great shape.  

So.. This Shelby has it all !... Early model.. Fresh all new Brittany blue paint....4 speed !, 10 spokes !, what more can you want !, 


The car is in the shelby registry and comes with full marti report.

Price in euros
€ 192500,-

Price includes all cost

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