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1967 Shelby ELEANOR Shelby GT500E 4 speed !



General discription

This fantastic, pro build ( al rebuild and new) True Bigblock S coded 1967 Shelby fastback in Eleanor GT 500 style.
The car is equipped with the best of best in parts and is a true performance car, not to be mistaken by some of
the cheap clones or mustang coupe's that were converted into fastbacks. Also this car is a true 67' car, as was the
shelby gt500 that was used to style the Eleanor movie car after.
The car was pro build and so was the cars drive line ( we have documents with that to prove it ), which is a real deal
GT500 428 bigblock police interceptor engine, with dual quad carbs. It was tuned with special cam, alu peformance
heads and electronic ignition and pushes out more than 550HP according to the builder. Its hooked up to a true
and famous ford toploader 4 speed transmission with bullit proof belhousing and clutches and of course the
correct GO baby GO shifter with Nos button ( no nos hooked up, but car comes with correct bottle !) as in the
movie car. The car was mainly used for shows and only has around 3000 miles on the odo.
The complete drive train, brake system ( 4 wheel discs), steering ( rack and pinion), and rear axle ( strange ) is all
build for true performance. NOT just any eleanor, but a correct and true pro build performance car.

Price in euros
€: 219500,-

Price includes all cost

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