1970 Shelby GT500 Convertible

A rare 1 of one ever build Shelby !


Year 1970
Make Shelby
Model GT500 Convertible
Engine and transmission
Engine Type V8
Engine Size 428 cui
Estimated HP 400 hp
Heads Ford original 428
Carburetor 4bbl
Intake Original 4 bbl
Ignition Electronic
Transmission Type Automatic
Transmission Spec C6
Exhaust Type Dual with tip
Muffler Type
Interior Color Black
Seating Type Buckets
Seat Material
Shifter Type Floorshifter with console
Restoration Status Restored
Awards Summary Showquality
Body Style Convertible
Doors 2
Body Color Gulfstream aqua
Paint type 2 stage
Stripes Factory stripes
Front Suspension Type Stockstyle with shocks
Rear Suspension Type Leafs with shocks
Axle Specification Original Ford 9 inch
Wheels Shelby alu wheels
Front Brakes Discs
Rear Brakes Drums
Miscellaneous The car comes with a Marti report and a copy of the official Shelby registry. - The car has all the correct body numbers and Vin stamps in place. - The car comes with an independent appraisal report. Please contact our sales for more info. ​ The car will, as with all our cars, be completely checked and serviced before it will leave our showroom floor !.
Bodywork & Trim

Straight, rust free body and chassis and a great shinny factory original Gulfstream aqua paint. all the Shelby components apear to be original to the car and are not replacement pieces or incorrect for the car. All the trim and chrome is in good condition and so is all the glass and door and window seals. Just an overall amazing body and car. The underside of the car is also highly detailed and painted in the factory correct red oxide color.


Factory correct 428 V8 Ford with original heads, intake, exhaust manifolds and all other correct components. The engine is rebuild and was tested and checked in our shop and is very powerful and healthy.

Super clean engine bay.


Factory correct C6 automatic transmission that was rebuild and has a new converter. All the supension and steering components are the factory correct pieces and all were rebuild and as new.


Super clean and nice all original interior with no tears and cracks, all the gauges are functional and the door panels, the headliner and carpets are in good condition.

General discription

Coming soon / Expected !:


This super rare all original 1970 Shelby GT500 convertible that's loaded with almost all factory original options and in the desirable Gulfstream Aqua metallic colour. STUNNING ! 

The car is one of only 50 build 1970 GT500 convertible's with automatic transmission and its one of only one of 4 produced in this rare colour. This combined with its options makes this a true one of one ever produced cars!. It appears to be a 2 owner car and it only has 45000 ! Proven miles on the odometer today. 

Of course this rare car is in the official Shelby registry and comes with a Marti report to prove its pedigree and originality. It's a great find and a true collector investment grade car. 

The 69 and 1970  model year are amongst the most iconic Shelby's ever produced. The 69 and 70 model year had more special Shelby components than any Shelby ever produced! The body shape was unique and made these Shelby's stand out more than ever before. They are a unique kind of muscle cars with true Shelby pedigree.

We won't start telling you who Carroll Shelby was and what made him famous and unique in car and race history, as this man might well be one of the greatest and well-known car icons the world has ever seen. This next to Enzo Ferrari, a name he also knew very well and whose car's he had beaten on the racetracks more than once. So he does not need any further introduction we assume. 

In the late 60's aerodynamics started to play a bigger and bigger role in car design and brought some unique and very special designed cars to the general public. This was also motivated because at the racetracks the competition was getting harder and harder and the need for more speed was found in the car body design and aerodynamics. Cars like the Plymouth Superbird for instance and the Ford Talladega were build for those purposes alone. 

With Carroll Shelby being a true race car minded guy who always wanted to be a step ahead of the competition with his cars, re-designing his 1968 model for the 69 model year with much more aerodynamically body lines was a very logical step as Ford didn't dare to go much further.

With their own models. This gave the 69/70's Shelby's a very distinctive design and more futuristic than his earlier models and one thing that really catches the eye on this new design style were the complete new nose section of the car with a much sleeker shaped grill with integrated front bumper, a longer more sleek hood and re-designed front fenders just to name a few.

But it was not only better aerodynamics that Carroll was after but in that process he also tried to make the car lighter as the complete nose section, the trunk deck lid and spoiler all were made from fiberglass, a material that in those days was still considered a futuristic material such as the use of carbon fiber and Kevlar in cars is today. 

All in all the 69/70 Shelby's are considered to be the unique cars he produced and designed and with there 428 Cobra Jet V8 engines ( in the GT500) these cars were amongst the fastest cars of that model year. However the muscle car era was coming to an end already as fuel prices were ricing and ricing and insurance rate's for these car were also sky high and that was IF you could even find a company that wanted to insure your car. This combined with the fact that the new style of designing muscle cars was not immediately to everybody's liking made the sales of the 69 model year tuff and at the end of the 1969 production year some of Shelby's inventory was still unsold.

The solution for this problem was also something that makes the 70 model year unique as Carroll had the 69 vin tags of these cars removed and under the supervision of the FBI and other official authorities all the remaining cars go a new 70 Vin code so the could be sold as 1970 cars instead of '69's. Some minor changes were also made to the cars themselves to help the dealer sell them easier. The car we present to you here is one of these special 1970 Shelby's. 

The car you see here is, besides being a rare 1970 GT500 Convertible, is that it's also painted in the best looking colour for any Shelby, or even every Mustang for that matter, Gulfstream Aqua Metallic and it’s loaded with many factory options as you can see in the Option list below. The car is also super original with all correct factory components and drivetrain and it’s completely restored inside and out as you can Cleary see on the pictures and the video. But the car needs to be seen live to be really appreciated. 

The car is also in the exact same colors and details as the car Shelby used in his sales brochures and sales advertisements! as you can see on the below pictures. Thats just a nice additional detail. We cant prove however that this is the exact same car as the one used in the ads, but it might well have been it seeing its a very rare color combination in 69/70. The fact that this car left the production plant so late in the year also gives reasons to believe it might well be used for promotions in the period inbetween production and delivery to the dealer. But again we cant prove anything, but we do have serious reasons to believe that this was that car. 

The combination of the 428 Cobra Jet V8 and the C6 bullet proof automatic transmission all hooked up to the ford 9 inch performance rear axle with traction lock unit and 3.50 rear end gears makes this car THE car to have as its the best combination to have in Muscle car convertible. It speaks for itself that the convertible top is a power top and the cars also have power steering and power front disc brakes to name some. 

PTTM will perform some upgrades and check the complete car on all its details and components before it will hit our showroom floor. We feel the 69/70 Shelby's are one of the unique and most well-designed Shelby's around on the markets today as the are cars that were a step ahead in there time and the last of a rare breed of cars that ended in the early 70's. The fact that this car is also a true 1 of 1 ever produced car makes it more desirable as well. 

We feel that the 69/70 Shelby's are just stunning looking and rare cars that you just don’t see on the streets every day. With there great performance orientated drivetrain with the 428 Big block V8's and there sporty but still very luxurious interiors with the high-back comfy bucket seats and all the wood grain details and their factory tacho meter and the additional gauges in the floor shift console to keep an eye at the engines condition, the unique centre pieced rear exhaust tailpipe, the scoops and air intakes, front and rear spoiler, the special marshall fog lights, the race style Alu wheels with white letter tires, the anti roll bar and the unique reflective side stripes and much more special details, just makes these cars very special indeed and very desirable to own and enjoy. 

Shelby's are unique cars and there combination of great design, luxury and performance pedigree is something more and more car guys are starting to see and appreciate nowadays and the are now more sought after than ever before. This causes that there value's, especially the more rare and all original and special models, that are equipped with the right options are going up in value fast and will keep doing so for many more years to come. 

The car we present to you here was produced in June 1969 and transported to Ford dealership of Kings Motors in Anniston Alabama somewhere in October 1969 as a 1970 Model. The fact that Alabama is a sunny and dry state might explain why the car survived all these years in such original and solid condition.

The odometer today is at only 45000 ! proven original miles and although the car has received a restoration some years ago, all its body, structure and chassis are all in factory original condition and it appears all its original sheetmetal and chassis structure are untouched original pieces. The car was also well maintained and pampered by its past owners as you can really see this car is in very healthy condition up until today. 

As stated it was restored at some point in its live and the complete engine and drive train were also rebuilt, but the car is still very original and it carries all of its important factory pieces. All the original factory underside markings and tech inspection dots are there and the underside of the car is also still in its factory correct and highly detailed and painted in the correct red-oxide colour as it came with from the factory. This car is the real deal and it’s a show quality car that can also be driven and enjoyed, the perfect combination. 

In the Marti report it states that the car should have a white convertible top, however we know that its a common mistake with many Ford's as the factory documentation on these items were never registered correctly. The previous owners also told us the car always had its black convertible top. We have sold several Shelby convertibles with the same issue, however if required it is also an easy job to change that, but again, we are confidant it came with its current factory colored black power top and it looks great with its black factory interior. 

The other point is that normally a 70 Shelby comes with black stripes on the hood, the reason why this car doesnt have them is a bit of a mistery, but its not uncommon that the stripes were deleted because a dealer or customer did not like them. But we can also still apply them if a customer wants them, no problem. We just state this to inform you as correct as we can. 

The car we present to you here is one of the real deal Shelby convertible GT's and it being a GT500 with only 45000 original miles, 2 past owners and its great colour and its options, makes it even more special and desirable. Owning a real Shelby is like owning a piece of History and these cars are also highly collectible and super solid investments that will keep growing in value for many more years to come, just like the have done for the last decades. The 69/70 Model year cars, with the very distinctive appearance, will probably also go up in value faster than any other model, seeing they are becoming ever more popular by the day. 

Values of well-preserved and original 70' GT500 convertibles examples are valued at well over 250k by specialist and classic car appraisers and market watchers like Haggerty. We have seen nice samples being sold at auctions for even more that. But even these cars were not as rare and loaded with all the desireable options and didnt have the best colors. However, our asking price will be well below that so it will leave room to grow for its future new owner. 

But besides that, these big block fastbacks Shelby's are fantastic cars to drive and own, and the will Winn awards at every car show you can attend with them. So don't wait too long, if you ever wanted a true GT500 Convertible in this original condition, one of the best colours around and with all this cars special features and being a true one of one ever produced Shelby's, then this might be your chance to own one or ad it to your current collection.

A change that wont come around again soon, we can guarantee you that with only 50 cars produced and this one beeing a true one of one rare 1970 Shelby that's also all original, restored, documented and ready to be enjoyed. 

We can walk you around the car and show you all the important and original details and of course all the cars history and documentations.

And like with all our quality cars, this car will be completely serviced and inspected and tested before it will be for sale in our showroom, so its turn key when you get it !. 

A WALK AROUND VIDEO AND MORE PICTURES OF THE CAR WILL FOLLOW SOON !, but if you want more information on the car ahead, or to make an exclusive reservation on it , just feel free to contact our sales department !

Some of the car its factory options:

  • Decor interior group.
  •  Track lock differential
  •  Power steering
  •  Visibility Group
  •  Power front disc brakes
  •  Tinted windows
  • Tilt steering!
  •  Am radio
  •  Tachometer & rally pack
  • Spoke Shelby alu wheels.
  • Power convertible top
  • Competition supension
  • Color keyed racing mirrors
  • Metallic paint.
  •  And more. 


If you like additional information ahead then please contact our sales! 


But if you like additional information ahead then please contact our sales! If there are details on the car you want to change or add some personal details, we can assist you with that no problem!

- The car comes with US title and EU import taxes paid and included

- All our cars are sold with complete service and inspection prior to delivery.

- On request, we can transport the car door to door worldwide!

-  For export outside EU or business to business price please contact our sales! 



- While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Prices and info in online ad’s or website might diver and are subjected to changes and or have mistakes in them. Please verify any information in question with PedalToTheMetal Holland/Europe.

And keep in mind that, the car you're looking at here today, was also looked at by others yesterday. And we can only sell it once!

Price in euros
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Price includes all cost

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