1965 Ford Mustang fastback

Super clean and original V8!


Year 1965
Make Ford
Model Mustang fastback
Engine and transmission
Engine Type V8
Engine Size 289 cui
Estimated HP aprox 235hp
Heads Ford
Carburetor Holley 2 bbl
Intake Ford
Ignition Original
Transmission Type Automatic
Transmission Spec C4
Exhaust Type Dual with tips
Muffler Type original style
Interior Color Red
Seating Type Buckets
Seat Material
Shifter Type Floorshifter
Restoration Status Survivor-restored
Awards Summary Showquality
Body Style Fastback
Doors 2
Body Color Wimbledon white
Paint type Single stage
Stripes GT stripes
Front Suspension Type Stockstyle with shocks
Rear Suspension Type Leafs with shocks
Axle Specification Original Ford
Wheels Rally wheels
Front Brakes Drum
Rear Brakes Drums
Miscellaneous Just a great looking and solid classic Mustang Fastback. This car, like all PTTM quality cars, has received a complete check-up and engine and drivetrain tests, everything is in great shape and the car is ready to be enjoyed once it is on our showroom floor. The car also comes with a full map (see pictures) with owners' history documents and invoices and its original owners' manual (very rare)
Bodywork & Trim

Rust free untouched body and structure with super solid and straight frame rails. This car appears to have survived more than 55 years and is still super solid all the way. The chrome and trim are all in very nice condition and so are its factory windows and window trim. The paint still has a great shine and is mostly still factory original and the GT side stripes gives this car a real sporty look in combination with its new GT chrome styled wheels.


Factory original and correct 289 Cui V8 with great power and fully checked and serviced by PTTM. The engine has received a full service check and upgrade with many new internals. Its ready for many, many more miles to come and has good power.


Original Ford C4 automatic transmission hooked up to its original and rebuild rear axle, both are fully checked and serviced in our shop.


Spotless and fresh looking factory correct and original red interior with factory bucket seats and fully functioning dash bezel and gauges and factory air conditioning! All the chrome and trim is in amazing condition and the white headliner looks clean and fresh as well. Just a great and very clean interior!

General discription


Super solid untouched and clean 1965 Ford Mustang fastback V8 "Survivor" in its factory original and rare Wimbledon white color with factory original red interior.

The car is a true C code V8 fastback and carries most of all its factory original components and it's also an original Airco car. Its now equipped with some nice red GT side stripes, a GT grill and GT chrome wheels with great looking red line tires to make it even stand out more, but all the original parts are also still with the car. 


This Mustang fastback is a true 2 owner car, and we have a map full of documentation to back this up. The car was sold new in November 1965 by Ford dealer Carlos Mitchell in Oklahoma, which dealer emblem also still exists on the back of the car today! ( See pictures) how cool is that. It was sold to its first owner H.Clayton from Oklahoma who pampered the car all the way up until around 1992 when he traded the car in at a dealership in Colorado with only 96000 miles on the odometer, who then sold the car to its second official owner William Brown who lived in Nevada and that's where we found this beautiful Mustang. 

This means the car never left the dry states and it explains why this car is in this amazing and solid rust free condition up until today. We can find a single panel or floor part being ever replaced and the car is super dry and rock solid, something that is truly amazing after more than 55 years and with both previous owners that took great care for this beauty. 

With now only 102k miles on the odometer, which we have proof of being the actual mileage, the second owner only has driven the car occasionally (only around 8000 miles in almost 28 years!) as he had the car for fun and not as a daily driver. He also maintained the car meticulously and replaced some trim and interior parts to keep the car up to par, we have all invoices and service books with the car back to its first owner. 

And we can only state that this body, chassis and its complete drivetrain is one of the most original 65's we have ever laid our eyes on. The underside is also spotless and straight. It's also pretty rare to find a Mustang fastback that was never hacked up or converted into an Eleanor style car or street racer. The engine and transmission are well maintained and work flawless and both are completely checked and tested in our shop before we put the car on the showroom floor. Just a very honest and real deal V8 Mustang fastback.  

The color combination of white and red interior is one of the best classic color combinations around and it really makes these fastbacks look classic but sporty at the same time and it shows all its great body shapes and forms. The fact that this car was also factory equipped with air condition is a great feature for the hot summer days. The car really drives and handles great and as should with no flaws or technical problems what soever. The fact that it was maintained so well for more than 55 years was the base for the cars overall condition today. 

After we inspected the car, we felt that this it was a great candidate to have a mild restoration performed on it. As although it was very original and solid, you could see its age and it needed some improvements here and there. We disassembled the complete car, checked and restored and freshened up and rebuilt the complete drivetrain, all the brakes and the steering and fuel systems and all the seals and rubbers. We took the engine apart completely and only changed the parts that needed it but otherwise its still all original inside and out and in great shape. Of course, we installed new bearings were it needed it, all new seals, gaskets and changed all the fluids. To top things of we installed a new and correct carburetor and a new ignition coil and distributor to make the car reliable and it's now as fresh as ever and ready for many more miles to come.

The complete underside was cleaned and the completely original floors and structure was left alone as it was all fully rust free. But to make sure it stayed that way, we applied fresh coatings to all the components and the underside today looks as great as the day it left the factory. We also cleaned and repainted the engine, the engine bay and the trunk area so all looks as good as new there also and it makes the car even more desirable this way and protected for any future rust or corrosion problems.

The interior, which was already in super nice condition, received some additional attention and now also looks like the day it was sold new back in 1965. It's just awesome to sit inside this car and look at the stunning red details and its original dash and other components. This car really makes you feel like your back in 1965. 

So the complete car, all its technical parts, the engine and transmission and all brake and steering components are checked and are in very great shape again. This car is ready for many more miles to come and it looks amazing!. For sure this is one of the best and most original 1965 Fastbacks on today's market. NO costs were spared to make it that way. 

The car is a true V8 fastback and not a changed over old slant six car. The engine is more than capable enough and gives great performance for a lightweight car like this Mustang is. The transmission shifts perfectly and smooth. And because this car is still in very original condition it drives and feels just like the day it left the factory back in 1965. A feeling that only true and real original cars have and that cant be duplicated once there fully restored. 

The paint on the car is very nice to say the least and it has a great shine. We are not 100% sure, but we assume most of the paint is still the original paint !. We have only repainted the lower front valance panels and trunk area and inside the door frames and did some spot repairs as we just didn't want to repaint the complete car and ruin the car's fantastic original condition and paint. So for a 55 year old classic, this cars paint is now close to stunning ! , but of course it has some little spots as its not a total fresh paint. But if you see this car you won't believe how nice the paint and shine is !, the red interior and red GT stripe just makes this car stand out and have a real classic but sporty feel about it. 

All the trim, emblems, chrome and glass are also in good and mostly original shape, unique for a 55-year-old classic !, the car even has the original Dealer plate on the rear taillight panel. Just a great detail. We added a nice red GT stripe to make the car stand out even more and the Grill is now also equipped with a GT center section that just ad's to this car overall appearance. The new but correct styled chrome GT wheels with new tires just make this beauty complete and it will get you thums up everywhere you will take it and for show win car shows events if you would attend them. 

The car comes, as with all our cars, completely turn key ready and is serviced and inspected. We are currently in the process of finalizing the car, and we will have it licensed and registered in Holland, so we can really test and fine tune the car before it enters our showroom floor, as we love to sell our cars as good as possible for our clients and this car is completely checked, freshend up and semi-restored completely in our shop. We just LOVE this fastback ourselves as its still a real time capsule as we did not over-restore it.

It’s a great investment opportunity but more important also a nice car to enjoy for long cruises or for a great sunny Sunday drive with the airco keeping you cool. The Red interior is really fresh and bright and makes the car special. You will for sure get thumbs up everywhere you take it and you will be smiling from ear to ear all the way guaranteed. It will also for sure win you awards on car shows or cruise inns that you might plan to attend. 

Just a great and clean Fastback thats 100% original in body, floors and structure, with some great added options to make it stand out even more !. The car was give much attention in our shop and it now waits for a new owner who appreciates the car and its stunning condition.

NO cost were spared to make this Fastback as good as possible. Hundreds of hours in labour and thousands of euro's in parts and details were spend to make this car come back to live, ready for a fresh start. So DONT compare this cat with just any old rusted out Mustang, as this baby is a bread apart from all of them. It's a stunning looking and driving car for sure.

And with all its components and details still original this car also runs and drives as no other !, Original cars that were never completely apart just give a very unique feel that no restoration can ever replace, and this car drives like the day it was deliverd new. 

All in all a rare change to own one of the first and most classic Mustang Fastbacks that is now ready again for another 100k miles of enjoyment. For its asking price you wont find a better car that is fully checked, serviced and restored to the best possibel condition. Its TURN key ready to be enjoyed. And with prices for real solid and original fastback's going up and up, this car for sure is not only a great car to own and drive, but a good investment as well and will bring its new future owner great fun and a feel that a totaly new restored car with only aftermarket parts will never give, no matter what.

This baby is the best of both worlds, original still, but also freshened up for the next 55 years if its just as good taken care of as the previous owners did.  We have added some pictures of other similar 65's but with added Shelby GT stripes but its not yet of the actual car as we are still working on it at the moment. The original wheels and other important changed original parts are ofcourse also with the car ! 


A walk around vide of the car will follow soon! If you want more information on the car, or to make an exclusive reservation on it, just feel free to contact our sales department!

Some of the cars options are :


  • - True C code Fastback

  • - 289 cui V8.
  • - AIRCO !.

  • - Automatic trans.
  • - Wheel opening moldings

  • - Bucket seats.

  • - Deluxe interior.

  • - Custom GT wheels.

  • - Floor shifter.
  • - GT Grill
  • - GT stripes.
  • - GT Rally pack
  • - Fold down rear seat
  • - Tinted windows
  • - AM/FM Radio
  • - and more!

  • ** The car also comes with its original and rare factory hubcaps and all other original parts. 

    If there are details on the car you want to change or add some personal details, we can assist you with that no problem!

- The car comes with US title and EU import taxes paid and included

- All our cars are sold with complete service and inspection prior to delivery.

- On request, we can transport the car door to door worldwide!

- On request we can also sell the car with Dutch plates or assist with TUV (H) 

- For outside EU export prices or business to business prices please contact our sales department.

- While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Prices and info in online ad’s or website might diver and are subjected to changes and or have mistakes in them. Please verify any information in question with PedalToTheMetal Holland / Europe. 

And keep in mind that, the car you're looking at here today, was also looked at by others yesterday, and we can sell the car only once !, so don't wait or hesitate but call our sales today. 

Price in euros
€ 69750,-

Price includes all cost

Contact us for more information

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