1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Superduty



Year 1973
Make Pontiac
Model Firebird Trans Am Superduty
Engine and transmission
Engine Type V8
Engine Size 455cui
Estimated HP 310*
Heads SD
Carburetor 800 cfm Rochester
Intake SD
Ignition Pontiac electronic
Transmission Type Automatic
Transmission Spec TH400
Exhaust Type Dual
Muffler Type
Interior Color Black
Seating Type Buckets
Seat Material
Shifter Type Floor with console
Restoration Status Unrestored-survivor
Awards Summary Show winner!
Body Style Coupe
Doors 2
Body Color Cameo white
Paint type single stage 85% original!
Stripes Factory set
Front Suspension Type Coil with shocks
Rear Suspension Type SS leafs
Axle Specification Original SD rear end
Wheels Comes with original wheels
Front Brakes Disc
Rear Brakes Drum
Miscellaneous The car comes completely inspected and detailed by PTTM. The car comes with PHS and historical documents. The car comes with owner history and proof of mileage documents.
Bodywork & Trim

Laser straight body, no rust anywhere. Original trim all around in very good to perfect condition. The paint on the car just looks great still after more than 45 years and it's largely its factory original paint. Very rare indeed! All the trim, glass, emblems and chrome are in very good condition and original to the car as well.


Numbers matching, factory original Superduty 455cui V8, with all its original equipment and parts. The engine bay is also highly detailed and correct. The engine was completely rebuilt at around 27-28000 miles and we have documents to prove that. Only 31000 Original miles on the complete engine and drivetrain since new now!

We estimate today that it has close to 425+ actual HP, due to the improved exhaust system a bit better cam than the low emission original version and other small improvements and a better tuning set-up than when the left the factory. This engine is VERY fast and also has great torque. The engine has the correct Vin stamps, XD code stamp ( automatic), and correct SD heads and a correct SD-LS2 intake and carb all still in place. Even the exhaust manifolds are the factory original ones and so is the shaker air intake. Very rare!


Numbers matching original factory TH400 transmission, factory original suspension, steering and brake system


Super original interior in fantastic as new condition. The car is equipped with almost everything you could this for in a Superduty and its all in factory, true low mile condition.

General discription



This extremely rare and real deal semi-survivor 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 455 Superduty! It is one of only 180 ever produced Super duty's with automatic transmission and a possible one of one car in this color combination and with these options ever build. The car is in the Superduty registry and its the only one with these combinations in the world today. On top of that this car is also completely in original condition and it still carries its complete numbers matching SD engine and transmission. It is also a true real low mileage car with only 31000 miles ever driven. It might well be one of the lowest original miles SD's in existence today. The car is also equipped with almost every available factory extra cost option. It just does not get more rare and unique then this!

The 455 Superduty Transams were the last and fastest muscle car's that were ever produced in the early 70's. The Superduty engine was developed by Pontiac as a pure race engine and it found its way into street production cars in 1973. The Super duty engine is a completely different engine than the 455 and 455HO engines that Pontiac had produced earlier on. And although it maybe came too late to compete in a dying muscle-car market because of the upcoming fuel crises and ever more restricted environmental rules of that era, man what a monster had the produced.

It had super high flow heads, forged super strong rod's (one of the best and strongest factory connecting rod's ever produced), a forged and shot-peened crankshaft, a special oiling system (with even provision already installed to run the engine on a dry sump oil system) forged pistons, and special extra strong 4 bolt main caps and special main and cam bearings and much more. 

The short block was a completely new design with 4 bolt main caps and many other special provisions to be able to make it strong and ready for some serious street or strip racing programs, but at the same time the head design was new as well as the intake, oil system, and exhaust manifolds were upgraded. In the first test phase, it made close to 600hp! But seeing the engine was also designed for use in street cars Pontiac engineers had to make compromises to make that happen. The compression ratio was lowered and at the last minute, a bit milder camshaft was used to meet the required rules that were already very strict in 1973 and which had killed all other brands' true performance engines.

But even then the engine was a monster and performed very well indeed. To get these cars also sold, Pontiac had to heavily underrate the factory HP rating in the sale's brochures to 310 hp and a mere 395 ft.lbs (535 NM) because otherwise, owners couldn't get these car's insured anymore in 1973. However, once on the street's these Superduty equipped cars had way more power than that and were estimated to have close to 400+hp or more and 550-600ft.lbs (750+NM)

The proof of that was given by a Dragrace, performed by an independent journalist from Hot rod magazine in 1973 where he took a completely stock, Automatic transmission equipped Superduty to a staggering 13,54 seconds down the quarter-mile with a 1/4 mile trap speed of 105 mph on street tires!  A record that wasn't broken until in 1993 by the Corvette ZR1 more than 20 years later. The Corvette ZR1 produced close to 500hp so its needless to say that Pontiac's Superduty's were absolutely very underrated by the factory back in 1973.

Some muscle cars specialist dare to state that the Pontiac 455SD engine was the absolute best performance engine ever designed in the late 60's and early 70's and onwards, and it would outrun any street 426 Hemi from Chrysler, any Chevy's 427 ZL1 engine, or no matter what other Street based, production V8 engine design that was built at that time. The specially designed heads of the Superduty flowed more air and fuel than Chryslers famous 426 HEMI. This tells everybody what a unique and rare engine the SD was. 

And with the already superior handling, steering and suspension packages that the all Trans am's were equipped with, these cars were in a league of there own. These cars really drove like no other Musclecar did before and long after it came on the market. Even today a well maintained Trans am is a great and fun car to drive and in combination with the very Powerfull 455cui SD engine its a car that can still outperform many modern style sportscars. It is also needless to say that this Superduty therefor is not only a very rare car but also might well be the fastest American muscle car ever produced, A reputation this car kept for more than 25 years and which makes it a car with great historical and collectible value.

The fact that there where only so little build and sold was due to the fact that these engines were a very expensive option to add on the already expensive price tag of a base 455 Trans am combined with the fact that the fuel crisis and insurance cost were a huge obstruction for most buyers at the time also. Pontiac was also held back with the production of these great engines because in 1973 the emission rules that were changed almost daily and Pontiac engineers had a big job fighting against that.

Which meant that the Superduty engine options came available very late in the production year, which also was cause for the small production numbers (only 180 automatic and 78 4 speeds cars were built) It also meant that the special components that need to be used in these engines were hard to get and at some points during the production the couldn't get engines at all. Many Trans-am SD orders the dealers received were therefore canceled and buyers were asked to choose either the standard 455 or cancel there order altogether.

The SD engine and cars were also hand build on the production line by a special crew and these cars really had a special status within Pontiacs production line which gave these rare and special cars an even more, almost mythical status. Something Pontiac dealers and their buyers also felt. As only a few dealers and some select group of clients ever received the keys of a brand new Trans am Superduty. The car we present to you here is one of those very rare and highly desirable and collectible Superduty's.

The car spends almost its entire life in the dry states of Texas and Missouri and was well taken care of and pampered by its previous owners and was never raced or abused in any way. The third owner from Texas had the car for around 24! years but only drove the car on rare occasions. When he bought it in 1986 from who we think is the second owner, the car only had 16000 original miles and when it was sold in 2012 the mileage on the Title read 27000 miles! So from around 2012 to 2018 only 5-6000 miles were driven with the car. Very rare and the whole reason why this car is in such a great condition up until today. And hence the fact it's still equipped with its original driveline today. As many of the original Superduty cars were used for drag and street racing with tuned up engines which also meant many of these cars were crashed and engines wrecked. Not this car. It's absolutely rust free and very original all the way.

Its painted in the factory original Cameo white color with black deluxe bucket seat interior that is one of the best colors for the Trans am's sleek and modern design. Its equipped with many ( rare ) desirable factory options as you can see below and its condition is fantastic. The car is completely undamaged and rust free inside and out and the engine and complete drive line are in as new condition as well. During its live span, the car was well maintained and where possible it was done with original parts and eye for detail, the complete brake and suspension, and steering system were also rebuilt with factory original components which keep this car driving as new and trouble free for decades to come. The rest of the car, including all body panels, floors and structure as well as the complete interior, the decals, and all its trim. And close to 85% of its factory original paint is still present and in great condition. 

It is really a super rare Super Duty! There is just nothing better than to drive an original car which is as unmolested as can be and this one drives absolutely stunning, exactly like it did in 1973 when it rolled off the production line. If you ever want to own one of the true legend's and one of the most beautiful and best driving and fastest classic muscle car ever designed, then this is it! With it being a true One of One car in its options and condition, and with only around maybe 100 of these cars in existence today worldwide you can be sure that you will be the owner of something truly exclusive. 

When was the last time you personally came across one of these rare cars life? A big chance that the answer is never. It's in our showroom soon and we would be more than happy to invite you to come and see it with your own eyes and we can tell you every detail about it. The car also comes with historical documentation to back up its original history and pedigree. 

Haggerty and several other classic car price sources show that these Superduty's are worth around 190000,- or more depending on there options and rarity. We also have seen cars that were not nearly as special as this true 1 of 1 produced car, get sold for 175+k. This means that our asking price is very interesting indeed and leaves more than enough room for the new owner to make his investment safe and healthy with room to spare.  

And although we believe that the value of a car of this caliber is not the most important reason to buy it, its just nice to know that your investment is protected and prices will keep growing for many more years to come, as they have done for the last decades. Besides that this car also gives great fun and a special feeling of owning and driving it. You will get thumbs up everywhere you take it and will steal the show on every car show or classic car Concours event. UNIQUE !

Some of the car's extra cost factory options:

SD 455 Engine

Automatic TH400 trans

Power steering


Power brakes

Front disc brakes

Lim.slip differential and 3,08 gears

Rear window defogger!

Power windows!

Tilt steering wheel

Fm stereo radio

8 Track player

Custom interior package!

Door edge guards

Tinted windows!

Front console

Light package

Rally wheels 

And more

The car comes with its original wheel's AND a set of custom alu 17-inch honeycomb wheels on request (see pictures) But if you like additional information ahead then please contact our sales! If there are details on the car you want to change or add some personal details, we can assist you with that no problem!

But if you like additional information ahead then please contact our sales! If there are details on the car you want to change or add some personal details, we can assist you with that no problem!

- The car comes with US title and EU import taxes paid and included

- All our cars are sold with complete service and inspection prior to delivery.

- On request, we can transport the car door to door worldwide!

- On request we can also sell the car with Dutch plates or assist with TUV (H) 

- For export prices, please contact our sale.

- While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Prices and info in online ad’s or website might diver and are subjected to changes and or have mistakes in them. Please verify any information in question with PedalToTheMetal Holland/Europe.

And keep in mind that, the car you're looking at here today, was also looked at by others yesterday. And we can only sell it once!


Price in euros
€ 132750,-

Price includes all cost

Contact us for more information

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