1971 Plymouth CUDA 440-6 pack shakerhood!

Concours restored !


Year 1971
Make Plymouth
Model CUDA 440-6 pack shakerhood!
Engine and transmission
Engine Type Chrysler 440-sixpack
Engine Size 440cui - 7260CC
Estimated HP 395+ factory HP
Heads Mopar performance 906
Carburetor 3x2 holley original
Intake Original sixpack
Ignition Mopar electronic
Transmission Type Chrysler 727 TF automatic / bigblock
Transmission Spec Automatic
Exhaust Type Dual exhausts with chrome tips
Muffler Type
Interior Color White and black
Seating Type Bucket seats
Seat Material
Shifter Type Floor shifter with console
Restoration Status Rottiserie restored-high quality
Awards Summary Showquality
Body Style hardtop coupe
Doors 2
Body Color Curious Yellow
Paint type Base coat & clearcoat multi layers
Stripes Billboards
Front Suspension Type Original style performance
Rear Suspension Type Original style performance
Axle Specification Chrysler 8 3/4 rearend with lim slip diff ( factory original )
Wheels Original 15 inch rally wheels with trim rings
Front Brakes Drum 11'
Rear Brakes Drum 11'
Miscellaneous - All body Vin codes, engine Vin and production codes, Date casting code's, dash and door tags, and the fender tag are still in place. - We also have a copy of its original dealer invoice/window sticker and an original 71 Cuda sales brochure AND a copy of the factory build sheet !. This car in every detail, proves its originality and pedigree. - The car is appraised ( Wert-gutachtung ) by an independent official car appraiser and valued at 190000,- euro and soon will be worth more. *** THIS CAR IS IN OUR DIAMOND COLLECTION- FOR SALE ONLY ON REQUEST ***
Bodywork & Trim

Completely rotisserie restored super solid and straight body, the underside of the car is just as nice as the top side! Everything you see is restored to factory correct specs and highly detailed and as NEW. The car has as it seems no aftermarket body parts and even the shaker hood is a real correct factory piece! Very rare. The paint on the car is flawless and it is laser straight with a fantastic shine and the stainless trim is bright and fresh as is all the glass and the chrome parts. Besides the front windshield, all the glass on the car all carries the original Chrysler markings and codes. We can't state any flaws here. Simply because the car is FLAWLESS! This car, like all PTTM quality cars, has received a complete check-up and engine and drivetrain tests, everything is in great shape and the car is ready to be enjoyed once it is on our showroom floor!


Fully rebuild factory original 440 six-pack engine with its original six-pack intake and carbs, correct radiator, valve cover, and exhaust manifolds. The camshaft in the engine is a bit hotter than the stock one so it should have around 425 factory HP. The engine has all the correct codes and Vin stamps.

The engine is highly detailed and so is the engine bay! The engine was completely serviced and checked by PTTM and is in very healthy condition.


All original and completely restored to the best possible quality and no flaws here.Original Hemi style suspension and torque boxes still in place.The Transmission has the correct codes and vin stamps in place.


Fantastic all new and restored white interior! really amazing and with de extra cost option floor shifter with console and rally dash with tacho. A fantastic combination with all you could want in your Cuda! The white interior in combination with the car's color and black billboards and shaker hood is one amazing combination. The white interior really feels fresh and spacey against the plain black of most cars. It really puts a smile on your face when you drive this car, and not less important it's so much cooler to drive and sit on in the summer heat! The dash is free of cracks and damages and the gauges and switches all work as they should, it even looks like the original seat belts are still in place and complete! How rare is that and it tells you this car was well preserved before it was restored to its current condition.

General discription


Ultra rare & top quality 1971 Plymouth Cuda V-Code 440-Sixpack shaker! Another ultra rare car indeed. All the body codes tag's and Vin number stamps are in place on this ultra rare V-Code ( 1 of 129 ever build ) real deal Cuda with the 440 six pack. Just an unbelievable original high quality Cuda.  

This car is a true 1 of 1 produced car with these options and with its factory original shaker hood!, rally dash! and in this stunning high impact color. It comes with all its factory body numbers, fendertag ande copy dealer invoice and buildsheet !. 

When was the last time you ever saw an all original, 71' Cuda for sale with the 440-six-pack? And optional shaker hood and this amazing looking interior and high impact GY3 color for sale? It is for sure the best and rarest color combination for a 71 Cuda, so if you want the best looking and one of the fastest original production 71 Cuda's in the world today, this is it !. 

The car underwent a recent full rotisserie restoration and is an award-winning car loaded with Nos original parts. From the original and factory correct and matching transmission, engine, intake and six pack carbs, exhaust manifolds, water pump, wiper motor to it's original Shaker hood, this car are very correct and highly detailed. Its restored with the best possible quality in mind and seldom did we see such a true original car.

All the body panels, doors, floors and trunk floor, quarter panels and frame rails, everything seems to be original and unmolested and damage free. This car had survived the years before it was restored so well thanks to the dry climate in New Mexico where the car was found. Not often do we come across such an original car and very detailed as this one is.

A stunning car, in performance and looks and a rare sight, to see, especially in Europe! The 1971 Plymouth Cuda's are highly wanted and very desirable. With there one year only specific dual headlights and special grill and split taillights, the fender gills, and re-designed upholstery, they were one of the most, if not THE best-looking muscle cars of there era. The base cars were the Barracuda models with the more low-performance suspension and engine combinations, and basic interiors with no special upgrades. The performance models were the Plymouth Barracuda CUDA's which were equipped and could be equipped with everything you could want on a performance car in those days.

Starting off with the performance 340 V8-245hp rated engine and the 300 hp rated 383 Big block, the real performance cars were the 440-six pack big block cars and of course the world famous 426 Hemi. With the 440-4bbl single carb no longer available in the 1971 E body cars, the best value for money was the 390+HP 440 six-pack engine with its 3x2bbl Holley carbs and special air intake ( hence the name +6 or sixpack). As the 426 Hemi had a very high price tag and was not even faster in base factory set-up against the 440-6 cars seeing these engines were lighter and thereby just as fast. With the addition of the unique air grabber air intake, the true performance of the 440-6 engines was estimated closer to 430+HP than the factory given 395hp. And in the quarter mile, the 440-6 cars were therefore slightly faster than the Hemi versions how cool is that.

The 440-sixpack cars used the same extra strengthened body and suspension/brake packages as the Hemi cars, and are there for not the same as the 340 or 383 lower performance cars that fail these options. We can tell you that driving a 440-six-pack car is a treat !, the torque of these engines is amazing and as soon as the engine vacuum drops (around 2500 rpm) the two additional carbs open up and give you a true "kick in the butt" sensation and the car leaves like a bat out of hell. The sound of these engines is also one of a kind and very addictive! There is nothing like it !. With the upcoming fuel crisis, the sales of these high output muscle cars dropped dramatically and the end of these amazing high-performance cars was in sight which explains the rarity of this car.

With only 129 ! 440-6 automatic ever produced Cuda's build against 890 (9x more) in 1970, this Cuda is a very rare car indeed. And taking this car additional shaker hood option, rally dash and great color combination in mind its even more unique indeed. Of course, the ultimate Hemi 426 cars are even more rare, with only 48 units build for the automatic coupes. Prices for these Hemi cars are extremely high with cars being sold for more than several millions $ depending on the cars options and overall originality. This particular Cuda 440-6 is priced well below that but might well be just as rare. Seeing its unique color combination, options and completely original and numbers matching drivetrain, we believe this car is a true one of one car in the world and besides that, it's also completely restored and in fantastic condition.

Who knows how many of the only 129 ever build cars are still in existence today? But we think not many and especially not in this amazing factory new condition and its factory original engine and driveline and with the highly desirable shaker hood. The 440- sixpack engines were used a lot in races and many of the cars equipped with them lost there original engines and transmissions because of that. This car however still carries its original driveline and was obviously never raced. The car is also a true factory ordered high impact extra cost optioned Curious yellow paint car! with ultra-rare white bucket seats and floor console shifter and rally dash. Its just stunning and it just can't get any better than this. The fact that its also completely original and meticulously restored is an additional bonus.

The underside of the car is just as clean and correctly detailed as the top side with everything there in as new and correct condition. All the brakelines, fuelsystem and suspension and steering components were rebuild and restored and the car really looks like the day it was sold new. In the clean restored trunk you will also find the correct original jack and space saver tire with air bottle and correct style trunk mat. Yes everything on this car is as correct as can be. Its original first owner really new what he wanted and man must he have been proud when the dealer turned over the keys to him the day of delivery back in 1971. He also must have pampered the car as its current original condition is proof of that.  

The added but correct factory original front and rear painted elastomeric bumpers and billboards make this car even more appealing and more special than it already is. wow, what a car!. But besides that the car was also already very well optioned from the factory and has many special details you donty see on most 71 Cuda's. And how many of the 129 ever produced cars are left today ?, maybe 50 ?. and how many of them do you think will stil be all original and carry there original drivetrain or are in this restored condition ?.. We can tell you NOT many. 


We're VERY proud to be able to present this car to our clients, it's a fantastic car to own and drive and one of the best and most collectible cars around. PTTM has completely tested the car and be sure that it doesn't only look good but it also drives amazingly and just plain perfect. With 71' Hemi Cuda's being almost out of reach because of their extremely high sales prices, this car is a fantastic chance to own one of the fastest and most spectacular muscle cars ever produced. Prices for these cars are still "affordable" but with the Hemi car prices going through the roof, the sixpack cars will soon be out of reach for many as well.

Its a fantastic car for any collector and a very interesting investment in both money and fun seeing prices will keep rising as they have done so for the last decades. We have recently seen 71 Cuda 440-6 cars getting sold for 200-275k already and most of them were not even in original condition nore restored to this superb quality. Keep in mind that this car has all the correct Vin stamps, tags and factory codes in place !

It might well be that this car will be just as priceless as its Hemi brothers soon which are being sold for well over a million or more. So don't hesitate to long as these cars will also hit the 300k+ mark or more soon. This car is absolutely a great investment but is also a great car to own, drive and enjoy. Especially in this rare color combination and with its factory shaker hood and rally dash, floor shifter, bucket seat interior, and factory original rear Go wing. Options that only a very few 71' Cuda's had. 

The car also comes with its factory original fendertag, a copy of its original buildsheet ! and a copy of the original dealer invoice and factory original brochure, so its also very nicely document and the cars pedigree is proven !. It just doesnt get much better than this. Its stunning color and gorgeous light and clear ( and cool ) rally dash and bucket seat floor shifter interior also makes it a car that really stands out and gives that true 70's musclecar feel to its owner. It will win awards on any car show or concours event you will bring it and give you thumbs up from everybody who sees it. 

More than 165k alone ( without the price of the car itself ) was invested in the restoration! And its one of the best (if not THE best) we ever had the pleasure of offering to our clients. And when sold we will never ever find this same kind of car again. This car is absolute gold-award material and runs and drives flawless! we fully inspect the car and it's highly correct and detailed and technical and mechanical in very sound as new condition! 

We truly feel this is one of the best 71' Cuda's 440-6 in the world today, if not THE best. So if you are looking for a real high quality and correct car, this must be it !. It has all you could want in one of the hottest and fastest real 70's Muscle cars!



Some of the cars original additional extra cost options :

- 440-sixpack engine.

High impact GY3 Paint code.

Bucket seat interior.

Floor shifter.

- Floor console.

Performance axle package with 3.55 gears & diff.

Shaker hood!

Rally dash with tacho.

Light package.

Trunk light.

Wheel lip moldings.

AM radio Painted.

Dual racing mirrors.

Painted front grill.

3-speed wiper motor.

Rear go wing spoiler (rare)

Hood mounted turn signal indicators

15 Inch rally wheels

Elastomeric front bumper & painted grill.

If there are details on the car you want to change or add some personal details, we can assist you with that no problem!

But if you like additional information ahead then please contact our sales! If there are details on the car you want to change or add some personal details, we can assist you with that no problem!

- The car comes with US title and EU import taxes paid and included

- All our cars are sold with complete service and inspection prior to delivery.

- On request, we can transport the car door to door worldwide!

- On request we can also sell the car with Dutch plates or assist with TUV (H) 

For export outside EU or business to business price please contact our sales!.  .

- While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages.

Prices and info in online ad’s or website might diver and are subjected to changes and or have mistakes in them. Please verify any information in question with PedalToTheMetal Holland/Europe.

And keep in mind that, the car you're looking at here today, was also looked at by others yesterday. And we can only sell it once!

Price in euros
€ On Request.

Price includes all cost

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