68 Pontiac Firebird Pro-touring is done!

Take a look at this amazing custom ride we build!


68 Pontiac Firebird Pro-touring is done!

68 Pontiac Firebird Pro-touring is done!

This project is done! We first started to completely disassemble the cart o start the complete rebuild process and check the baseline of the car. The body was very poor and needed extensive work. When all the bodywork was finally done we painted the car in the mat silver satin finish with flat black details. This made the car really stand out as you can see on the pictures.

The complete drive line was upgraded and the old worn 400cui Pontiac engine was rebuild and balanced and blueprinted in our own engine shop and upgraded with lots of special performance upgrades. The rest of the drivetrain was also fully rebuilt and has had some upgrades here and there.

The car is also upgraded with a custom Pro touring style suspension system with a 4-link rear axle and coil over adjustable shocks and a 4-wheel power disc brakes system. The car also has an upgraded steering system so it would drive better than the original.

To top things off, we installed a new set of “On Off” set of wheels and super low profile tires. The rear wheels were well upgraded with a mini tubb and fits perfectly.

When the car was done it was tested and fine-tuned and it is now ready! Ain't she a beauty!?

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