2019 PTTM drag racing team presentation day


2019 PTTM drag racing team presentation day

11th of Mei was the team presentation of Pedal to the metal drag racing. It was a presentation day for new sponsors and potential new sponsors and friends and family. It was a great day with many great heights. First off the people got a presentation from the team manager of PTTM Dragracing Fred Dorland. In this presentation, the people got a little introduction to PTTM drag racing its history and the history of drag racing itself. After this, we revealed the new drag race car for the 2019 season!

The reveal of the car came with of course also the first start-up of the newly rebuilt engine! The 3250 horsepower V8 sounds like you think 3250 horsepower would sound like. Every person received earplugs and they were well needed! The engine started on the first try. Which was hopefully a good omen for the start of the new season.

Drag racing is an amateur sport we need any support we can get! Everything is provided by the team itself & the sponsors. And hopefully this year we can get the Pro mod championship home to the Netherlands! The new season starts at Santa pod from 24th till 27th Mei. Good luck to driver David Vegter & the PTTM team!

We want to thank everyone for making it a wonderful day. And to thank the sponsors and friends of the team. HKR, WFB, Dutchboxx, Catering Sneek, Line by line, Marlog carhandeling, Vivante Yachts, Miedema accountants & De Vries classic cars.

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