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All makes and models

PTTM garage service and repairs all makes and models of both modern and classic cars, trucks, and SUV.

35 years of experience

Our experienced staff of technicians are able to rebuild, repair, restore or replace virtually any part of your car.


PTTM Garage provides APK (TUV) inspections and RDW approvals preparations for both modern and classic cars, trucks, and SUV.


Looking for a garage that knows your car?


As a dependable classic and USA car garage with experienced mechanics, PTTM Garage can ensure your vehicle receives the best treatment. Whether it runs into a problem or just requires some attention. Because our team only exists out of passionate muscle car aficionados, we treat your car with the respect and care that your pride deserves.


Engine and transmission services, rebuilds & upgrades.

Engine & transmission services (oil, filters, plugs check ups etc), engine & transmission rebuilds, engine and transmission tune ups & upgrades, engine & transmission condition checks , Steering house & pump rebuilds and more.

Suspension and rear axle balancing, services, rebuilds & upgrades.

Suspension, rear axle rebuilds, suspension, rear axle tune-ups, differential repairs, differential rebuild, differential service, axle repairs, axle service, axle rebuilds and more.

Automotive electronics services, rebuilds & upgrades.

Complete harnesses rewire, partial harnesses rewire, electronic repairs, ignition repair and tuneups, distributors repair and tuneups, alternator repair and tuneups, lights, gauges, classic instruments rebuild and repairs and more.

Wheel, brake and tyre aligning services & upgrades.

Wheel and tire aligning, wheels and tire upgrades, brake repairs, brake conversations, brake upgrades, brake line repair, brake line replacement, master cylinder repair, master cylinder upgrades and more.

Exhaust, exhaust manifold and headers repair, services & upgrades.

Exhaust systems repair, exhaust systems upgrades, complete exhaust systems, custom made stainless steel exhaust systems, exhaust manifold repair and upgrade, headers repair and upgrades, muffler repairs and upgrades, gasket replacement and more.

Full driveline services, rebuilds & upgrades.

Driveshaft repair and upgrades, driveshaft straighten and balance, install universal joints and carrier bearings, rebuild constant velocity joints, retube driveshaft, u joints repair and upgrades, aluminum race shafts, driveshaft shortening and lengthening and more.

Interior & exterior cleaning, rebuilds & upgrades.

Seat cover, dash, doorpanel, carpet, console, headliner, molding, headrest, handles, glovebox, seat belts, firewall, radio, steering wheels, sunvisors, trunk mats, ect repair and upgrades, complete interior cleaning, body paint polishing and waxin, trims, windows, molding clips, vinyl tops, stripes, decals, badges, weatherstrip, hoods, locks, mirrors, grills repair and upgrades and more.

APK (TUV) and RDW inspections, preperation and paperwork.

We can provide technical inspections and APK or Dutch roadlicening ( RDW) aprovals on your car. We can also assist with TUV or MOT inspections aswell and we can provide and take care of the neccecary paperwork and taxs forms.

Chief mechanic: Sido

"At our garage we cater for all your US car and pickup servicing needs. Whether you are looking for an RDW, APK, servicing, tyres, brakes and exhausts we can help. We can also provide a parts restoration service. Our highly qualified technicians are here to help you with all your car and van servicing requirements.

Have a question? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!"

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PTTM is an allround speedshop with more than 35 years of experience in classic cars and is specialized in American V8 cars. PTTM is a hobby based company that has evolved out of passion in muscle cars from back in the 70's.

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