Lars - his '70 Dodge Challenger 440 RT-4 spd

Rotisserie high quality restoration of a matching no. Challenger 440RT


Lars - his '70 Dodge Challenger 440 RT-4 spd


Owner : Lars van Straten - Holland

Project finished : 15/12/2016


This awesome Mopar is one of the most wanted cars around, a real Challenger RT with the 440 engine and a 4-speed manual transmission and a Super Track pack DANA60 4.10 geared rear axle. Its also loaded with great options and is an original Plum crazy painted car combined with a white vinyl top and white interior. Besides that this unique car is fully original and carries its original drivetrain !. PTTM found this unique car in a barnyard in California where the car was parked by the first owner more than 30years ago!.

More than 30 years later the first owner planned to restore it, but he just never got around to it, so he put it up for sale were luckily for us and our clients that's where we found it !  The car was complete, matching numbers, and was still in pretty original condition and complete. The body and structure was intake besides some rust and smaller damages that needed to be addressed with.

We just couldn't leave it there and closed a deal then bring it home to be restored and to be brought back to its former original condition. Lars walked into our showroom and saw the 43-year-old car as it was and understood what a great and rare Mopar this was. And although he wasn't really looking for a restoration project at first, he soon found out that if he ever wanted a really unique car which could meet his high-quality standards, he would need to go with a restoration project such as this car. As once it would be restored back to its original condition by PTTM he would have a car that would meet his high standards.

And seeing Lars understood the car and the needed to be brought back to its factory original condition we soon made a deal and his car will now be rotisserie restored with respect for its originality. We at PTTM are very proud and fortunate! to have gotten the task to perform this restoration and build the car back to its original former glory!

The car will receive a high-end full rotisserie restoration. After the necessary sheet metal work, the complete body and chassis will be acid dipped and coated before it will go into our paint shop.The complete and original 440 cui engine and drive train will be rebuilt by PTTM's engine shop. Then the rest of the car will be restored and build back up to its former original glory with correct parts and details.  

The owner told us: Although i never intended to buy a project car and have it restored originally, i must say honestly that i probably would never have become such a high-quality rare piece of Mopar history. 

It is incredible how you guys turned this rusty old barn find into a car that looks like it left the showroom in 1970, or probably even better than that.  The overall quality of the car is AMAZING and all is done with a great eye for detail and quality. The colors on the car are stunning and i just love the plum crazy color with the white top.

Thank you Team PTTM for all the energy, knowledge and passion that you guys put into my dream car, i can't thank you enough! 

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