Jeroen's - 69 Pro Touring Chevy Chevelle 572

Full custom build pro touring chevelle by PTTM


Jeroen's - 69 Pro Touring Chevy Chevelle 572

Jeroen's 69' Pro touring Chevy Chevelle 572!

Completed 12/2015

This Bigblock BADASS 454 Chevelle was sold by PTTM to its current owner a few years ago. The owner wanted to change the car into his own dream ride and used this car to make that all happen. He asked us to do the job in several steps. The first item was to change the stock style suspension and rack and pinion power steering and to add an air ride system under the car. Second, we to replace the older stock transmission with a new performance one with an overdrive and change the column shifter into a floor shifter car with console. When that job was done the owner changed a view other details and the car received a new modern style dash panel with new gauges and switches.

His biggest wish, however, was to have the car repainted in black and to change over the red bench seat original interior into a black bucket seat interior, which meant we had to change over the complete interior, headliner dashboard, door panels and all strips and covers inside the car as well. At the same time, power windows were added and we isolated the car with dynomat.  When that work was all we repainted the car in deep black with dark grey metallic SS ghost stripes on the hood and trunk.

The last big step was that the owner asked us to build him a brand new performance engine as he wanted a more power than the already beefy 454 that was in the car.  So he ordered a brand new PTTM build custom 572 ! big block at our engine shop combined with a vintage air-condition system and modern style serpentine belt system with alu pulleys.   Of course, this new monster engine needed a better fuel system and at the same time, a complete new stainless steel exhaust system was build combined with new custom made headers seeing stock headers wouldn't fit this 572 big block. When all was done the car was tested extensively and then the car was revealed to its owner late 2015.  So all in all this car received a complete makeover and got a brand new look! Its one of the nicest and fastest Chevelle's around!

The owner told us: I'm really very happy with the car and amazed at the cars overall high quality. It was a long and intensive process but you guys performed a great job, it's simply perfect.  I really enjoyed the complete period of the build with you guys and never once did i had doubts about your high-quality standards, besides that it was always great to feel welcome at my visits and your prices are really competitive.You must be the best restoration shop in the business.

Thanks, PTTM, and crew, I'm extremely happy with my new dream car and will enjoy it for sure.

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