Jan's-1970 Dodge Challenger RT Hemi 528

1970 Challenger RT -Hemi 528


Jan's-1970 Dodge Challenger RT Hemi 528

Jan's -1970 Dodge Challenger RT Hemi 528

Jan from Danmark had plans to change his nice Dodge Challenger into a performance car and turned to PTTM for a new engine and drive train and some advice.

After some friendly and serious discussions, Jan chooses a PTTM custom build 528 Hemi engine with 800HP to be the base of his new car. After many talks and the fact Jan just lacked the time to do the job, he wanted PTTM to not only build and supply his engine and the rest of the drive train, he chooses to have us build all and to do the complete car.

Besides the Hemi, we will build the car a Bulletproof 727TF transmission that could handle the Hemi's power and an all-new suspension system with a Dana 60 rear end with a 4 link set-up at the back and a coil-over suspension on the front.

We also upgraded the complete brake system (4-wheel discs) and upgraded the fuel system to match the monster Hemi's needs. The car also received new stripes on the rear and hood which was performed in our paint shop and a complete PTTM build stainless steel exhaust system and many other special components and details.

We are proud and thankful that he came to PTTM and to have us perform this great job, we're proud that we could build him his dream ride!

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