1969 Mustang Mach 1 428 SJC restoration

Rare numbers match Dragpack SJC !


1969 Mustang Mach 1 428 SJC restoration

Super rare all match 1969 Mustang Mach1 Super cobra jet Dragpack car completely restored back to factory as new condition!


The car is a genuine and all numbers match 69 Mach 1 with the rare Super cobra jet 428 cui V8 and its factory original automatic transmission and its rare V coded Dragpack rear axle still in place. Its also a correct and very desirable Gulfstream Aqua painted car with a black bucket seat interior. 

Its one of only around 2-300 ever Produced 69' V coded 428 SJC's and with its options and in this color it might well be a real one of one ever produced cars. Its a genuine factory street/strip racing purpose build car. Unique !

The car was found by PTTM in the sunny dry state of Arizona in the USA were the car was stored in a garage for at least the last 10+ years> Its owner had sadly passed away and the wive of the owner was looking to sell the car preferably to someone who was going to restore the car back to its former glory. 

Her husband had taken care of its beloved Mach1 for many years and it was still in very solid and original condition. After some many talks and phone calls we were able to convince here to sell the car to us and as promised we are now in progress to restore the car completely. 

Being one of the most solid and untouched Mach 1's we had ever seen the restoration of the car was a dream as we only needed to adress the engine and drive line components, its paint and all the other details as the body and chassis didn't even have 1 inch of rust anywhere. The complete underside was super solid and the factory original red oxide coating was still there before we started the resto of it all. No cost are spared to get this car back in factory as new condition inside and out. 

The restoration and complete rebuild of the rare SJC engine and driveline has started and this car will soon be for sale in our showroom. Its completely numbers match and still has its original SJC engine and rest of the driveline in place and it comes with a complete Marti report and appraisal report to show and prove its pedigree. 

This is a very desirable big block SJC Mach1 and when its done it will be in near concourse condition with everything in perfect condition again. What a stunning car this will turn out to be and its a super solid investment and very collectible car indeed. 

THIS CAR WAS SOLD AFTER THE RESTORATION in 2020 to a Happy German customer!.  

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