70's Dodge Challenger TA restoration

Numbers matching real TA


70's Dodge Challenger TA restoration

This fully original Challenger T/A ( Trans am) was found by PTTM in the USA and was sold to a Mopar collector. It will be restored back to its former factory original condition!


The car is a genuine and rare 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A with its factory original 340 T/S block and TF 727 Automatic trans still with the car. It was found in a barn after it stood there for decades.

Together with the 70' Cuda AAR these Mopars were developed for racing in the factory Trans am races back in the early 70's. Chrysler needed to build a certain amount of street legal versions of the actual race car for homologation purposes. The car you see here is one of these rare cars. Its also numbers match and has all its correct vin numbers, its original fender tag and factory build sheet still with the car. 

The were equipped with a special purpose build factory 340 T/A block with special T/A heads, special steering , braking and suspension components as well as some other special body components. 

This car is one of only around 1380 build street legal T/A's and its still in very good and original condition after more than 45 years. Its a real factory original Sassy grass paint car and also a factory original Vinyl top car ( not on pictures now). Which is a great and desirable color combination. 

This car will be completely rotisserie restored in our shop for one of our clients and the complete driveline will also be restored in our Engine shop. We hope to start this project soon.

This project is underway STAY TUNED !, for more resto pictures and videos here on our project page website.

If you also want your special muscle car to be restored to the best possible quality, than call us or ask for a qoute. PTTM has restored many award winning cars over the last decades !. 

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