Restoration of a 1967 Shelby GT500 4 speed!

This project is for sale.


Restoration of a 1967 Shelby GT500 4 speed!

This real deal and fully original Shelby GT500 4 speed was found by PTTM in the USA and will be restored back to its former factory original condition!


The car is a genuine and rare early 67's Shelby with its inboard lights and functional side scoops and its also a rare 4-speed car and in the desirable Nightmist blue color. This car has a great pedigree and was one of the last cars Caroll Shelby build in its own factory. All later models were produced at Ford plants under his license. The 4 speed in combination with its originality and rare color combination makes this car very interesting as a collector and investment grade car. 

The car was more or less a barn find and its still has all its original parts in place and it has the factory original 428 police interceptor V8 big block and its Toploader 4 speed transmission as well. How rare is that? The body is still pretty solid but only the front floors and some other smaller body details are in need of restoration. Otherwise, this car is super solid and carries almost all of its rare parts. PTTM is going to perform a complete rotisserie restoration on this beauty and the complete driveline, engine and transmission will also be restored/ rebuild. 

All in all the plan is to build this car back into its factory as new condition and all work is done in our own shops. PTTM has restored many Shelby's already and were very sure this car will turn our great. If you are looking for a rare, real Shelby and want the best of the best, then this might well be your car as it's for sale! The restoration process can, therefore, be followed by its new owner and you can see every step of the way of the restoration. You can even still choose some personal details or upgrades if required. 

A great change to make sure you buy a car that meets your quality standards or even better. For more information on this project or its price, please contact our sales!

This project will start soon! More news and pictures follow soon! 
Some of the current pictures are design samples and not of the actual car

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