Alex his 72' Ford Torino Pro touring Special!

Complete rebuild of a 1972 Torino GT!


Alex his 72' Ford Torino Pro touring Special!

Alex from Holland bought this rare and solid 72'Torino GT with plans to have it transformed into a Hi-performance Pro-Touring style car.

This project was finished in the Summer of 2019. 


He found this super solid and original car in a dry state in the USA and seeing the old car was still untouched the complete driveline, suspension and steering system was all worn out he contacted PTTM to discuss his ideas and to get advice on how to transform the car into a great driving, fast and reliable Musclecar without changing the already great looks of the shapes and form of the original body to much.

After some talks and changing of idea's, budget negotiations and thoughts, Alex loved our idea's and quality of previously done cars we had built and decided to have PTTM build his dream car with us, of which we are proud of course. The complete suspension system will be upgraded to a more modern style driving car and the old worn out engine and transmission will be replaced by a Custom build high-performance FE428 Bigblock, and the old automatic transmission will be upgraded up to a Tremec Manual 5 speed transmission. Of course, wiring the car will also receive a modern style rack and pinion steering system with tilt steering column.

The brake system will be replaced by a high end 4 wheel disc brake system with Hydratec hydraulic master cylinder, all new brake lines and the complete fuel system will be upgraded as well. 
We will also upgrade the complete wiring system and design a new dash for the car with more modern and accurate gauges to watch over the new engine. Besides all that the car will also receive a new set of custom alu wheels with better tires to handle the new engines power and some other exterior and interior details will be made.

All will be done with a taste for the original style of the car. 
The reason we choose for a FE428 Performance engine is because that's a monster in power and torque and is also period correct for this car and preserves its complete style and is why these classic Musclecars are so much fun to drive. Especially combined with a manual gearbox! More items and details might be changed or added later on, you never know ahead with these bigger projects. 

When this car is done, Alex will have one great looking, ol'scool style Musclecar that's equipped with a period correct classic style details and driveline, combined to its fantastic and aggressive looks and we are sure he will fall in love with how it handles, drives and performs on the street. It will eat Porsche's alive and outrun most modern style sportscars for sure. 

More news and some style designs samples follow later!


The owner told us when he took delivery of the car: 

Im very pleased with the final result . I did expect good work from you guys, but the final result and the way it handles and drives is stunning. All your testing and fine tuning after the project was done, was a long wait but well wurth it. 

Thanks, PTTM and crew, I'm more than happy with this car and you did a fantastic job! and the whole experience was excellent. 

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