Han's - 68' Shelby GT500KR

Mild restoration on a ultra rare Raven Black GT500KR shelby !


Han's - 68' Shelby GT500KR

1968 SHELBY GT500KR restored by PTTM.

Owner : Han Oltlammers - Holland.

Completed : 09 / 2017

Han was already a well respected PTTM client when he walked in our showroom one day and found this amazing and survivor Shelby GT500KR in our showroom as a resto project. 

Seeing Han was always a great fan of the Shelby cars and especially on rare original Raven Black car's, he didn't need to think twice and a deal was made.  He asked us to perform a mild restoration of the car as the body and floors were still in mint condition after more than 50 years so that didn't need any work. The paint, however, was old and cracked so that was one of the reasons to start the work on the car.  The car also had its original engine and drivetrain in place but it was all in need of a rebuild and refreshing of the steering and suspension systems. 

The car was then more or less completely taken apart and the empty body was taken to our paint shop for a high-quality new paint job in the cars original and raven black paint. We rebuild the entire driveline and the engine of the car back to factory specs and the complete wiring system, suspension, brakes and steering systems were all rebuild and restored to factory spec's.

The car was then built back up and many details and aspects of this great historical car were upgraded and restored as well. When all was done this car turned out very well. The paint job was amazing with a deep piano shine finish and the car looked like it just came out of the factory.  Seeing Han really drives his classic car's the Shelby was tested thoroughly and we registered it for him on Dutch plates before we handed over the car to its proud new owner. We handed over the keys of the restored car in September 2017, and the client is extremely happy with his very special KR500.  

The owner told us: I'm VERY pleased with the car, it turned out as new and very correct to the original car. Thank you PTTM Crew for performing another great restoration and for the pleasant way it was all performed and handled. Thumbs up!

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