Emanuel's 67' Eleanor GT500E PTTM special!

Gone in 60 seconds by PTTM


Emanuel's 67' Eleanor GT500E PTTM special!

Emanuel from Portugal found and bought this nice and solid 67 Mustang fastback at our shop as a base car, to have us completely rebuild the car and upgrade it to be one of the best looking Eleanor GT500E's in Europe. 


We all know the Eleanor Mustang from the famous Gone in 60sec movie with Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie. A car that was built especially for the movie and was based on the 1967 Shelby GT500 fastbacks.

Emanuel loved this car and wanted us to build his dream car to look like that movie-car but then with more special details, a more performance orientated driveline and many other special details as the genuine movie cars were very poorly build and didnt have any true performance what so-ever. The were just great looking cars on the big screen but nothing more.  This built is something completely different and although it has the same amazing look's all Eleanors have, this one was really built to perform and handle like a dream. 

The car will be taken apart completely (nut and bolt) and then we will re-install the complete Eleanor body kit to perfection, the car will also receive a complete new high-quality paint job in our paint shop in the correct pepper gray metallic colors with black stripes as the original movie car had. But that's probably where the similarity with the movie car ends... As this car will receive a brand new 550hp stroker engine build by PTTM and a special performance transmission hooked up to an ultra-strong special rear axle with 4 link suspension with coil over shocks all around.

The complete front end will be built with the best parts in performance suspension and steering. Besides that this high-performance Eleanor will also receive a completely new 4 wheel disc brakes kit with hydrated brake booster and 13-inch rotors with 6 piston calipers to make it stop like no other Eleanor ever build.

The complete wiring system will also be upgraded and a complete all new custom interior with a dynamat isolation system will be installed as well. The interior will be upgraded with special seats, carpets, a custom-made dashboard, a modern stereo system and many other special details like a backup camera, onboard palmtop with MP3 and phone and of course a vintage airco system to keep out the warm temperatures of his warm home country Portugal. 

This project is underway! And more pictures of this very special and high-quality build car will follow here soon!

The goal is to make this car into one of the best driving and handling, most exclusive Eleanor cars that are around in the whole of Europe, and we thank Emanuel and are proud that he has chosen PTTM to make that all happen. We will make his dream come true, guaranteed!

The complete car is completely hand built with only the best of the best components and with attention for detail and high quality. This Eleanor cant be compared to most other builds as its attention for detail and overall quality and finish makes it a true one of a kind. 

The actual movie Eleanor's can't even come close to this one and if Nicolas cage would see this car his eyes would pop out for sure, 

This baby will be awesome! The project is underway and will be completed late 2020 !

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