71' Plymouth HEMI cuda by PTTM

High quality tribute to the 71 Hemi cuda !


71' Plymouth HEMI cuda by PTTM

Owner: PTTM / The Netherlands -

Completed & Sold : 2014

PTTM build this 1971 "triple black" Hemi Cuda tribute car as a homage to the most legendary of all muscle cars in the 70's. It was sold during its completion to a German customer who fell in love with it. 

Starting with a base true 1970 Plymouth 340 Cuda 4 speed car, the car was completely disassembled and rotisserie restored to the highest possible quality, the car was high quality painted in thePTTM paint shop with many layers of base coat and clear coat and polish it to a fantastic deep shine. The car received a correct black vinyl top and all the correct original trim. 

In the meantime in the PTTM engine shop, we build the car a correct and custom build 426 Hemi engine with around 500hp, an all-new 5-speed manual transmission for more comfortable cruise rpm's and a correct Hemi style Dana 60 rear axle with lim.slip differential. The complete wiring, steering and brake and fuel systems were installed new as well. 

Of course, a correct style shaker hood was installed and the complete interior was restored with black bucket seats, rally dash and the famous Hurst pistol grip shifter with a console was installed. All the cars chrome, glass, trim, emblems and billboards were correct and restored or new Cuda parts and so was the installed rear go-wing and the ultra-rare rear window louvers. 
All in all a major project that took more than 2 years to complete. 

If this car was the real deal its value would have been worth several millions of dollars but we build the car for a fraction of that cost and with the best possible quality in mind. The finished car looks amazing and its equipped with many original special factory options. The car, although build as a true homage to the real Hemi car's, stands on its own and deserves the same respect. Its a great car and can be really driven and enjoyed as where most original cars never see the light of day and are hidden in privat garage's or museums. 

Its very well possible, although we would like to!, that we cant ever build a car as correct as this one again due to the fact that its almost impossible to find the right parts for it, or even to find a real 71' base Cuda car to do the job on.

We know the new owner enjoy's it and is happy with it and he understands what rare car he has. 

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