Jerome's - RARE 71' Challenger 340 Convertible

A true one of one Mopar !


Jerome's - RARE 71' Challenger 340 Convertible

Completely rotisserie restored ULTRA rare 1971 Challenger convertible. 

OWNER: Jerome Washer - Belgium

Completed: May 2017

Jerome just LOVES Mopars in general and already owns a rare collection of rare car's and he was looking for a special convertible car for a long time. He found his dream car for sale as a project car on our website.

Seeing he wanted the best of the best he choose for a restoration car so he could follow the build and get the best of the best. He bought the car at PTTM and asked us to do the restoration for him of which we are proud of course! The car is very rare seeing its a 3 ! fender tag optioned car, fully numbers matching and equipped with all the performance goodies Mopar had to offer in 1971. Seeing the RT model was no longer available in that year it makes the car extra special because it has all the RT options.

The car is also very rare seeing its a Dealer Promo car and originally exported/build as an export car for a Canadian Plymouth dealer or importer. The car has a full map of history and its original fender tag and build sheet.

The car spends its entire life in Canada before PTTM found the jewel, it was painted blue over the years but underneath and according to its build sheet its originally a true HEMI-ORANGE high impact paint car.its also a probable1 of 1 ever built a car... A UNIQUE car that we restored back to its former glory! The body was already very solid and the car has most of its original parts and matching numbers drivetrain still there !. 

This original EV2 paint code car has a white interior and a black side RT stripe original and some of its options are power steering, power disc brakes, elastomeric bumpers! power windows!!, power convertible top, wheel opening moldings, AM/FM thumb wheel stereo and cassette player!,  dual painted racing mirrors, console and bucket seats, rally dash, Luggage rack ! all original and optional trim pieces and more!

We just love restoring these original car's back to there original condition and this one, being so rare and in a fantastic color combination with the 340 performance engine it turned out pretty awesome don't you agree?  The car was finished and delivered in May 2017.  

The owner told us: Wow! what a car, in this color it is even more amazing than the previous non-original color, you guys did an amazing job and I'm extremely happy with the car. You delivered an ever higher quality than i had expected for a great price. Thanks, PTTM & Crew for this amazing job.

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