Ludo's -70' Chevy Chevelle SS Pro touring project !

Custom build 1970 Chevelle by PTTM


Ludo's -70' Chevy Chevelle SS Pro touring project !

Ludo his 1970 Chevy Chevelle Pro touring !


Ludo started working on his 1970 Chevy Chevelle many years ago, but somewhere along the line he just didn't have the time or knowledge to finish his dream car. So he turned to PTTM and asked us if we could build the car for him. After some talks, we picked up the car and made plans together with Ludo on how to build the car.

It is going to be a mild Pro touring style car with respect to the car's original details and looks. The car was already painted in its current red color with black SS stripes, so that's something we can skip and move forward with the real build of the car. 

The complete car was disassembled and the engine and complete drivetrain were checked and rebuild by PTTM engine shop. The complete wiring, interior, suspension and steering components were rebuilt or and upgraded and the car received many special options and parts.

The interior received new dynomat floor isolation and a new custom dash and gauges with new wiring system were installed and a new set of alu wheels were installed on the car. All the other interior and exterior parts were checked and upgraded and installed back on the car. 

After the build was completed the car was tested and fine-tuned and the keys of the car were handed over to the new owner who stated that he is very pleased with the final result !. We feel this Chevelle turned out as one hell of a nice car !

Thanks, LUDO! for choosing PTTM for this build, we hope you can enjoy your beautiful new build car for many more years to come ~!  

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