Michael's '68 Pontiac Firebird Pro-touring special

Complete build of a 68' Pro touring Firebird


Michael's '68 Pontiac Firebird Pro-touring special

Micheal bought this '68 Pontiac Firebird some years ago with the plan of restoring it.

Years passed by, and he just didn't come around to starting the project as it so often happens with these cars, as work and business go before pleasure. Micheal turned up in our showroom someday with the question if we could build the car of his dreams for him. Well we sat down around the table and PTTM came up with some special designs and ideas about Michael's wishes and how we felt the car should be built, and after some talks about money and a time frame for the build, Michael shook our hands as he liked what we told him, and we made a deal. He then brought the car and some parts he already acquired through the Years. 

We first started to completely disassemble the car to start the complete rebuild process and check the base line of the car. We sadly found out that the body was in very poor condition and it needed extensive work, way more than Micheal ever thought. 

When all the body work and additional upgrades and restyling features were done the car was painted by PTTM in the mat silver satin finish with flat black details. This made the car really stand out and give its aggressive looks. 

The complete drivetrain was upgraded and the old worn 400cui Pontiac engine was rebuild and balanced and blueprinted in our engine shop and upgraded with lots of special performance upgrades. The rest of the drivetrain was also fully rebuild and many special features were applied to make this car faster.

The car was also upgraded with a custom Pro touring style suspension system with 4 link rear axle and coil over adjustable shocks and 4 wheel power disc brakes system.

The steering system and all steering components were also upgraded to make the car steer better than original. Many special details were build to make this car special.

The finishing touch was to build the car a custom interior that fitted the Owner ( A big guy !) but to make all also look as much as original as we could. For safety and style a roll cage was build inn and the complete wiring system was upgrades as well. New comfy bucket seats were installed and all upholstery, trim, carpets and headliner were installed new togheter with a new console and floor shifter. All in all the interior of this car can be called very stylish but still classic. 

To top things of a set of custom made "on off" set of wheels were ordered with a black center section and new performance tires with at the back a super wide low profile tire to give the car its unique stance. The rear wheel well was upgraded with a mini tubb already in our metal shop so all just fitted perfectly. She looks stunning with it !.

When the car was done it was tested and fine-tuned and it's now ready for the owner to put the first 1000 test km's on the car, so we can do one more final inspection as that's always the best thing to do to make sure all the little new car build bugs can be removed and the complete engine and drivetrain serviced for the first time. 

We think all in all this project turned out very nice for the budget that available and Micheal can be proud of his new car, and we hope he will enjoy it for many years to come !. We revealed the car to him late August 2020 and he told us he was very happy with the car and satisfied for the work we performed, which of course is what we do it all for and makes us proud and happy too !. 


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