PTTM's -69' Pro touring Camaro 572 "DARTH FADER "

PTTM custom build pro touring car SOLD.


PTTM's -69' Pro touring Camaro 572 "DARTH FADER "


785 HP 572 Cui BIG BLOCK V8 / TH 400 Trans build by PTTM. 

Owner: Robert.J.Hess / GERMANY -

Completed: 2015

This REALDEAL RS/SS big block Camaro was stripped to the bare and totally restored and build with ALL new parts and components as a PTTM showpiece.

The body was completely restored and build up with all new floors, doors, fenders, quarters, inner fenders, front frame and a rear wheel mini tub. SO, in fact, this is a 100% super solid body and chassis.

The body was then freshly painted in matt black with a very special type paint so you can wash and clean the car with no problems, so it is NOT just any cheap black coating. We de-chromed all the details and everything was powder coated and painted with a semi-satin black paint, so the car looks awesome and very aggressive.

The single Orange SS stripe is a decal and can be removed easily if required.The concept name DART FADER was not only chosen because it is black and has the special RS nose piece but also because we build the car an all new DART- BIG M 572 Cui engine with DART-Pro alu heads! Seeing we wanted this car to be a show peace of what we can build, everything on this car is special and custom build. From the special rear axle with ladder bars and a new front sub-frame with the coilover suspension to a custom made, but stock style looking interior with digital gauges.

THE OPTION LIST ON THIS CAR IS HUGE !,  The idea was to build a car that was FAST, CLEAN AND MEAN and it should handle and performance a modern style sports car so you could drive it on the road, track or circuits.

We also wanted the car to look semi-original and so we build the interior and exterior with respect to the original classic car it is. This created a more or less stock looking car, but for who looks closer, you can see its NOT! 

This car will outrun almost ANY car on the streets and its build with top quality parts and reliability in mind, so from the engine to the trans and the 4 wheel disc brakes, ALL is build to last and handle this awesome engine! BUT its also perfect for a Sunday cruise! The car was sold to a German client in 2015.

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