Carl's - 1970 HEMI Dodge challenger RT !

Rotisserie high quality restoration of a matching no. Challenger 426 HEMI


Carl's - 1970 HEMI Dodge challenger RT !

Carl's- Hidden Jewel 1970 Dodge HEMI Challenger RT!

Completed : Early 2017 

Owner: Carl Fredriks- Sweden.  

This car was sold to Carl by PTTM in 2015. Its a true and numbers matching rare 426 Hemi Challenger RT.

We found the car in its black color with black interior but soon found out there was something even way more interesting about the car than you would first think. It turned out to be an ultra-rare real factory high impact Plum crazy ( FC7 code) car combined with the rare and great looking white interior. This made the car even rarer and we planned to have it restored back to its original condition.

Carl found out about the car and bought it from us complete with the already laid-out plan to have the car build back in its original condition. Besides the cars color change, it already was in immaculate condition with all its original body and floor panels and complete original numbers matching drivetrain.

The car survived more than 45 years in the sunny states and the previous owner had taken very well care of it. Everything on the car was factory original and the driveline was already very good and recently rebuilt and just needs a fresh tune up and service. So we decided to take the car apart completely and give it a nut and bold fresh rotisserie restoration and high-quality repaint and build the car back to its former glory. 

The car was finished Early 2017 and it turned out even better than we ever could expect. This real 426 Hemi Challenger is one amazing ultra rare car !  

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