Dennis - his Pontiac Trans-Am 455 Pro-Tourer

Custom build pro touring Trans-am by PTTM


Dennis - his Pontiac Trans-Am 455 Pro-Tourer


Owner : Dennis de Zeeuw - Holland

Completed : 02/2017

It was Dennis his lifelong dream to own and drive a special build 455 Pro-touring style Trans-am, and we were glad to make his dream come true! PTTM body & paint shop transformed this original real deal! 74' 455 trans-am into one hot looking muscle car.

We started with completely stripping the complete car and mount it in a stand to do all rust -sheet metal repairs on the body, chassis, and floors and replace it with new sheet metal. The car was in very poor condition and everything was replaced with new metal.  The original 1974' car had an incorrect mounted 73' nose which needed a completely new frame and lower front valance panel that we build for it. Dennis loved the 74' rear so we didn't change that.

After that work was all done we cleaned it up and made the are ready for paint in the PTTM paint shop for its new snow white paint job and specially designed stripes and logos. In the meantime, we rebuild the complete transmission and freshened up the 455 big block and did some other technical work on the engine and driveline of the car and added some special options like 4 wheel disc brakes combined with a top of the line HOTCHKISS front and rear suspension and steering upgrades.

The interior of the car was also completely rebuilt and dynomat was applied on the floors for a better sound and heat resistance. We kept the interior pretty much original, besides new seat covers, new carpets, and headliner, seeing the Trans-am's originally have a great looking interior. The dash and all the gauges were rebuilt as well and the old wiring was replaced as well.

We also build the car a special PTTM front to back stainless exhaust system and complete new suspension system. Next, the complete interior was restored with new upholstery, carpets, and other details and al the wiring was redone and restored as well as the dash and gauges. 

To make the car stand out even more we ordered special original style 17-inch wheels for the car with low profile tires.The owner also had some other wishes and details for the car which were all taken care of as well. 

When all work was done we were impressed with the cars overall performance and its power. This car doesn't only look good, it performed even better ! and that's what a real pro-touring car should be like. Dennis will get the keys of his ride soon so he can start enjoying it !.

For the budget, this car was built it is an absolute Jewel  The goal was to build his personal and clean looking, pro-touring style trans am, within his limited budget and we think that all turned out pretty good!

When the car was revealed in early 2017, the client told us : 

Im VERY  happy with the car, the complete build process and the overall quality of the car it turned out even better than i could expect.
THANK YOU team PTTM for making my dreams come true !

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