Ales his 1970 Plymouth Cuda Convertible!

Rotisserie high quality restoration of a matching no. Cuda Convertible !


Ales his 1970 Plymouth Cuda Convertible!

Ales just loves Cuda's and he was looking for a special car for a long time. 


He found his dream car for sale as a project car on our website. Seeing he wanted the best of the best he choose for a restoration project so he could follow the build and get the best of the best. Ales bought the car and PTTM are proud that Ales choose us to do the restoration for him. His very rare and full matching number, real Cuda383 4bbl will get a full rotisserie restoration. This original one owner export Cuda convertible loaded with special options and is probably a one of a one car. It is also very rare because its one of the highest optioned Cuda convertible we know of.  

A unique car that we will proudly restore back to its former glory! The body was very solid and the car has most of its original parts and drive-train still there! This original FY1 car has power steering, power disc brakes, elastomeric bumpers! power windows! dual painted racing mirrors, console and bucket seats, rally dash, all original and optional trim pieces and more! The car will be acid dipped and stripped completely before we will start the complete rotisserie restoration of the car. Every nut and bold will be brought back in factory new condition and the complete driveline,engine, and transmission will also be rebuilt back to factory original condition. 

We feel a Cuda convertible is one of the best looking the convertible's ever, and this car will turn out pretty awesome! 


The project is underway and expected to be ready soon !

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