PTTM- 426-472-528 Hemi perf engines

Special custom build ( no crates) HEMI engines starting with the 426 and providing 525 horsepower @ 500 ft-lbs of torque. Engine comes internally balanced, completely assembled, and dyno tested.


Engine for sale: PTTM- 426-472-528 Hemi perf engines

Depending on the availability of short blocks from Chrysler or Indy-KB we can build you any Hemi you require.

- From stock style 426's up to 632cui race HEMI's

- And powerbands from 500 up to 1200+HP or in race set-up even more.

- We can provide several intake and fuel systems from single carb to dual or even sixpack setups and injections. With or without a blower.

- All our Hemi's are custom and handbuild and blueprinted and come with or without dyno on request, but Run-inn tests are included.

- Price change because of the USD-EU ratings and hard to get parts, so if you want us to build you one, please contact our sales!

- On request, we can also build these engines in your car and advice/supply the correct transmissions (auto or manual) and drive-brake lines.

Prices start at around 22500 Euro's turn key.

Factory Mopar
Engine type Hemi
Engine size 426 / 472 / 528 and up
Heads Stock Mopar or stage V alu
Fuel specification Depends
Fuel delivery system Depends
Condition New
Price in euros
On request Contact us for more information