PTTM Pro Mod Dragracing-team news !

2017 season an all new start for our team !


PTTM Pro Mod Dragracing-team news !

After a successful 2016 season, PTTM & Vegter Pro mod racing have decided that the will join forces and continue from now on as 1 new team under the name ; PEDALTOTHEMETAL DRAGRACING. 

This combination means the team can focus even more on there goal of winning the FIA European championship in the Pro modified class Dragracing. 

David Vegter will stay the team's driver and the 67' Camaro will get a complete make over and overhaul for the new season. With a partially new body, improved and newly developed and engine as well as a chassis upgrade and much more the team hopes to be even more successful than ever before. 
The team might also consider racing with more than one car in other race classes, although its not lightly that that will all happen for the 2017 season.  

Fred Dorland, fellow owner of PTTM speedshop, one of the main sponsors of the PTTM Dragracing team, and a former race car driver himself, will be the new team director and one of the main forces behind the scenes, together with David and the existing crew members of the team. The PTTM Dragracing team however is, besides sharing the same name, completely independent from the PTTM speedshop activities.
The combined forces of the new team, together with there existing as well as new sponsors will be stronger than ever before. At this moment the team is working hard to get the car and equipment ready for the season. With the season openings race planned on Santa Pod England from 26-29th of May, this means the crew is working extremely hard to be ready for that event.

More news about the team, the sponsors and progresses will follow soon and a new website is in the making as well, you can also follow the team's activities on facebook or instagram under pedaltothemetal dragracing.