Project highlight

Harm's - Ford F150 "SHELBY-BOSS Jumbo truck


Project highlight

This sad old Ford truck stood outside for several years waiting for a refit or restoration. The owner turned to PTTM with the request if we could do the project and he told us he wanted it fully restored and upgraded he wants to use it as a promotional truck for the JUMBO supermarket chain in Holland and to drive and enjoy it every now and then. After we discussed some of our ideas on how the truck should be build and looked and could be improved he liked what he heard and was impressed with what he saw what we did on the other current projects that we are building.

The project is coming along pretty well as you can see from the photos. The truck will get a Shelby look, with high-performance parts. 
Also, the old engine and driveline will be taken out and make way for a 555CUI! Special build monster boss 429 style engine with Kaase-BOSS nine heads and approx 700+HP and a newly build high-performance transmission with manual shift kit and with and modern overdrive system. More details and pictures of the design and build will follow during the build.

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